Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wednesday, July 16: Chicago, IL- 7:30 p.m.

Tatiana made breakfast for all of us again this morning. Before heading over to eat I went by the office because I had received a text message informing me that I had mail waiting there.
I was happy to open a package containing a gift from my friend, Natalie, on Culpepper Merriweather.

When I wrote to thank her for the gift, I joked that I wouldn't let Ryan touch it for fear that he would burst into flames.

Ryan and I visited with Jeff this morning until it was time for him to hit the road. He headed out around noon so he could drive to Nixa, MO to visit his friends and former Ringling clown co-workers, Tom and Tammy Parish.
I'm so happy that we got to spend so much time with Jeff, and I'm hoping that we'll get to see him again before the end of the year.

After Jeff took off I joined Ryan and his family for a trip to the market. There is going to be a big barbecue on Friday, and Mario asked Ryan to make sangria since it was such a hit in Houston.
Ryan and I picked up all of the fruit and alcohol we needed; it's a good thing we are splitting the cost with Mario as sangria is very expensive to make!

Once we got back to the lot I went for a walk. I wanted to get lunch from a highly commended food stand about a mile away from the lot.

I spotted Scatchell's the other day when I was doing laundry, but I didn't think anything about it. Today I read an article about the best places to get a beef sandwich in Chicago, and Scatchell's was high on the list.
I don't have any gold standard (yet) as far as Italian beef goes, but I enjoyed my big, greasy sandwich. 

When I got back to the lot I stopped by Ryan's trailer to see if he and Tatiana needed any help with sangria preparation.
I was relieved to see that all of the fruit was already cut up, because if I had helped with that, I would have helped put the sangre in sangria. 
Instead, I squeezed a couple of lemons into the mixture, and then I helped pour $54 worth of cognac into the tub containing the fruit.
Now it will all soak until the final preparations are made for the party on Friday. I can already feel the earth spinning!

While Ryan and I were taking pictures after tonight's show, a little girl came up with a program for us to sign. She also had a DVD, but I didn't give it a second glance since the show has been selling the 2013 DVDs since the beginning of the season.
Luckily Ryan was paying more attention, because he noticed that it was the DVD for this year's performance!

As soon as the public was gone I ran back to my trailer to grab some money so we could purchase the program and DVD bundle.

Full of Steve & Ryan goodness!

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