Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wednesday, July 23: Chicago, IL- 7:30 p.m.

Ryan's brother, Pete, flew into Chicago this afternoon. For some reason, Ryan was expecting him tonight, and since he had important errands to run, he had me go pick up Pete.

I was going to get Pete at O'Hare Airport, but he had already bought a train ticket. I quickly went on the Chicago Transit Authority website and tried to find a station close to our lot on the Blue Line, which runs from the airport.
The website said that the Belmont stop was the farthest he could go without transferring, so I told him to go there.

After a long drive to the northern part of downtown, and some confused phone calls to Pete to discern his location, I found out that there is more than one Belmont stop, and Pete was at one three miles west of where I was.
I quickly pulled over and reset my GPS, and before too long I was able to find Pete without any further complications.

Both of us were hungry, and Pete saw on his phone that a heavy metal themed burger restaurant called Kuma's Corner was just down the road.
His friend had told him about it last year, and he wanted to revisit so he could pick up a t-shirt.

Our food was very good, but it took quite awhile to receive it. That gave us plenty of time to catch up with each other; I enjoyed hearing about his time as head usher on Big Apple Circus last season.

Back at the lot Ryan, Tatiana, and especially Nico were happy to see Pete once again.

A couple of members of the Rozzi family, who Ryan lived with for a year in California, were on their way to NYC and just happened to be in the area.
They stopped by to see the show tonight, so Ryan was happy to have them and Pete in the crowd.

Also watching the show was Bob Hunt, better known as the comedy juggler, "Circus Boy". He came with his girlfriend, Doreen, and his two sons. Bob and Doreen first met on Ringling back in the 1980s where Bob was working as a clown and Doreen as a showgirl.

After the show I was able to visit with Bob and his family briefly. Doreen was nice enough to bring me a delicious rib dinner since I wasn't able to join them for a meal at their home earlier this afternoon.

In closing, here are some fantastic shots that Rick Purdue took this past Sunday:

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