Friday, July 11, 2014

Wednesday, July 9: Chicago, IL- 7:30 p.m.

I planned to spend the majority of today in downtown Chicago, and thanks to the bus stop conveniently located on the corner by the lot, getting there was no issue at all.
It took about an hour to go from the lot to my destination, Grant Park, but I had a good book to keep me entertained the whole way there.

My first stop when I arrived downtown was the Taste of Chicago, a food festival in Grant Park with free admission.

As soon as I got on the festival grounds I purchased tickets, which were treated like cash at all of the stands selling food or drinks.
It seemed that most of the food vendors were selling a taste (or smaller portion) of their wares for 4, 5, or 6 tickets, while a whole portion could go up to 10 tickets.

I started out by walking all around the festival to see what foods seemed most appealing to me. It was a tough decision, but I ended up taking tastes from these four vendors:

I had a potato pierogis with a side of sour cream.
I sampled smoked alligator sausage. Probably my favorite taste.
I had a chorizo empanada.
For dessert I had churritos.
And then I got indigestion!

After gorging myself for lunch, I decided to walk off my new found calories. I started with the closest attraction to my location, Buckingham Fountain, or as I used to call it before I looked up the name just now, "the fountain from the opening credits of the TV show, 'Married With Children'".

Buckingham Fountain rolls off the tongue a little better....

Next it was a short walk over to Millennium Park where I enjoyed all the different pieces of art, including the famous "Bean" sculpture.


My favorite part of Millennium Park was Crown Fountain, a little area where children were playing around in the water.
There were two tall towers with video projections of faces on them. That was all cool enough, but my mind was blown when water came out of the towers that made it look like the faces were spitting on the children!

The topper was the big smiles the faces wore after they were done spitting. It's things like Crown Fountain that, in my opinion, make Chicago's downtown so awesome.

Next I walked up to Navy Pier, where I was treated to some lakeside views of the city.

There was a circus show playing at Navy Pier called Cirque Du Shanghai that had a matinee performance I could have caught. I decided against it, because I wanted to disprove the dictum that says whenever circus people have time off, they go to see another circus.

I was lucky that the weather was so beautiful today. The sun was out, but there was frequent cloud cover, and a nice, cool breeze blowing.
I would have stayed out exploring downtown even longer, but my feet and legs were killing me. Around 3 p.m. I caught a bus back to the circus lot.

Tonight's audience was having a lot of fun, which helped us enjoy the show as well. Every time I was in the audience there were people that wanted to joke around with me, quite a welcome change from some of the sour pusses we've encountered lately.

One interesting thing I have noticed on this show (that I especially noticed tonight), is how many people watch the show through the iPhone or iPad they are filming on.
Sometimes you'll look out in the audience, and you'll see a sea of electronic rectangles instead of faces.

As the show went on I started feeling worse and worse. My body felt exhausted and achey; I was hoping it was from my long walk today and not an indication that I was getting sick.
Just to be safe I took some medicine before I went to bed.

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