Saturday, August 9, 2014

Friday, August 8: Atlanta, GA- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

I should have known what kind of day today was going to be when the first thing everyone was treated to this morning was no running water.
Luckily for me I still had water in my tank, so I was able to use my pump to shower and use the sinks. Others were not so lucky and didn't have water all day.

Ryan and I got a later start than usual putting our props in the tent. It was a bit of a haul from our trailers to the back door, but it was on cement, so we got everything loaded in fairly easily.

While I was walking over my wig, shoes, and costumes to the dressing room I could tell that a storm was brewing. Luckily I had just returned to my trailer from my last trip to the tent when the torrential rainfall, thunder, and lightning began.
A few minutes into the storm the show's generator was knocked out, so for a few hours we didn't have water or power. Wheeeee!

Ryan and I had a PR before the first show at the Plaza Fiesta, which has a small UNIVISION studio amid the shops. While Ryan and I were waiting for the reporter, who was caught up in traffic and the storm, families were gathering around the studio, pressing their hands and faces against the glass walls, and watching us like we were animals in a zoo. It didn't help their impression of us that we were going to the bathroom in the corner.

When the reporter showed up she invited some of the children into the studio, and then they filmed us interacting with the kids.
None of the children seemed that excited to be there, so I'm not sure how good that footage turned out.

After that uncomfortable situation we were unceremoniously kicked out of the studio to wait in the plaza's main corridor.
We stood around while two kids belonging to one of the store owners pestered us. I eventually got bored and started visiting the different shops to spread my special brand of mayhem.

Finally the reporter came outside to film a weather segment with us. She instructed us to go over to the green screen onto which the weather map was going to be projected.
It was actually a three foot wall with green fabric on it, so I got on top and balanced myself. Ryan crouched underneath and put his finger under my shoes so that on the camera it would look like he was balancing me on his sole digit.
I was happy that we got at least one good bit of business into the publicity before we left.

The lot is right next to an airport, so every so often we hear the roar of a plane flying almost directly over us as it lands.
During the shows I cringed every time I heard a plane coming since they are flying so close to the tops of the tent's towers.

Apparently there is a city ordinance from Atlanta forbidding the circus to play their music too loud. I found that ridiculous. Are they trying not to hamper people's enjoyment of the airplanes roaring overhead?!

What was especially frustrating to us is that our music is much lower than every other act in the show anyway, which is not our choice. Now, with it being brought down even more, some of the music and sound effects were barely audible, which in our opinion, greatly hinders some of our bits, and just the general energy of the gags.
We asked Teo if he could bump everything up just a little bit since other music in the show was still louder than our stuff, but the powers that be kept having him turn it back down.
So frustrating.

Luckily the audiences tonight were very enthusiastic, but we were so preoccupied with everything else that we barely were able to enjoy them.

I was talking with a lot of folks tonight, and for many different reasons everyone was having a bad day. Luckily the water and power situation was fixed by the time I went back to my house for Intermission of the first show.

I was very happy to be done with today. To celebrate the day's completion I went to the Landmark Diner, which had delicious food and great service.
Tomorrow is a new day!

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