Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Monday, August 25 & Tuesday, August 26: Atlanta, GA

8/25/14- 7:30 p.m.

This morning I went to do laundry, and then I went to Little Five Points to visit The Vortex again. I had a delicious burger called the Big Bad Voodoo Patty, which had chipotle cream cheese and spicy, sweet, green pepper jelly on top of the meat. Delicious!

After lunch I went to do some household item shopping at Walmart. By the time I had finished I was feeling rough. My cold had progressed to the second stage, where my head felt incredibly congested.
I took a nap to rest up for the show tonight, but I felt even worse when I woke up.

There used to be a flap at the back of the tent that all of us performers would enter through, but from now on that flap will remain closed except to let the horses in and out.
We performers were told to use two new doors added to either side of the backstage area. When Eddie told us about the change last night, we jokingly asked if one door was for the artists and the other door was for the clowns.

After the show a young man in his twenties got his picture taken with me and Ryan. Noting that he had come to the circus alone and had his picture taken with the clowns, Ryan laughed and said, "It's you!"

8/26/14- 7:30 p.m.

I tried to lay low and rest as much as possible today. Before the show I was feeling terrible; my whole body felt feverish and achey.
Luckily by the time we started working the ibuprofen I had taken kicked in. After our first gag I was feeling fine.

We had a small crowd tonight, which unfortunately I'm expecting for this whole week. Our run in Atlanta was supposed to end on the 24th, but our engagement in Gaithersburg, MD has been cancelled, so an extra week was added here in Atlanta.
Since all the Atlanta posters carry the 24th as our final day, I'm afraid it may be slim pickings for the end of the run.
Hopefully word of mouth will kick in!

Keland Scher, a former Ringling clown who now works as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist in Atlanta, came to see the show tonight with his boss and her two children.

After the show Keland and I went to Pho 24, a twenty-four hour Vietnamese restaurant not far from the lot.
I hadn't been to a noodle house since I was in China, and the soup I ordered did wonders for my cold.

In closing, here's a video of the piece CNN did on me and Ryan:

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