Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sunday, August 17 & Monday, August 18: Atlanta, GA

8/17/14- 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00 p.m.

This morning I returned to the Flying Biscuit Cafe for my traditional Sunday morning breakfast. This time around I tried the Southern Style Biscuit Benedict, which was two poached eggs over turkey bacon, pimento cheese, and a biscuit. This piece of Heaven on a plate was of course topped with Hollandaise sauce; yum!

Before the first show Alexa, Ryan, and I were interviewed by CNN Atlanta. It was nice that they interviewed us in English, and they actually asked some interesting questions, which allowed us to flex our publicity muscles.

Hopefully they'll let us know when the piece is available online so I can share it on the blog.

It was incredibly hot for the first show. The sun was beating down on the tent unmercifully, and the air conditioners just couldn't keep up.
The heat made all of us in the cast and the audience feel sluggish; of course that is the show that CNN filmed for the segment they are doing.

The second show was a lot better, and we also received some good news via an e-mail that really perked our spirits up.

Jan Vazquez gave the speech before the third show to give everyone that extra energy push to get through to the end of the day.
I also visited the ice cream shop in the plaza for a little sugar rush to get me through the last performance. I walked over during Intermission to get a scoop or two, and I ran into a few of the dancers, who had the same brilliant idea.

8/18/14- 7:30 p.m.

I was very lazy today. I'm not sure if I was just worn out from the three shows on Sunday, but every time I laid down to finish watching a movie I kept dozing off. Maybe I just have bad taste in cinema.

It was another very hot day, but right before the show there was a storm that cooled everything down.

Tonight when Ryan and I entered for the carpenter gag in the little car, I parked and then switched off the headlights and engine, but the engine wouldn't turn off!
I tried again and again, but the car's motor just kept idling. Finally I just had to leave it be and do the gag, ignoring the loud, never ending drone of the engine as best as I could.

Backstage Ryan and I joked that we got more laughs in the gag that performance because the audience members were all high off of gas fumes!
We checked all the wiring and the switch, but we couldn't find an issue. We even started the car up a few times, and when I flipped the switch it turned off just like it was supposed to.
I guess it was just one of those freak occurrences.....

After the show we helped Alexa Vazquez film an ice bucket challenge video to raise awareness for ALS. Once Ryan is done jazzing the video up, I'll post it here.

Teo invited me to go bowling tonight, so I caught a ride with him, Elena, and Anastasiia, two of the members of Trio Bellissimo.

A big group from our show was at the bowling alley; we all had fun eating and drinking.....heck, we even managed to bowl a few frames!
I couldn't believe it, but I actually came in second place for our lane's first game (I even broke 100), but my abilities quickly deteriorated as the second game wore on.
Around mid game I just started doing ridiculous bowling maneuvers to make the other people in my lane laugh. Surprisingly even with my clowning I didn't come in last place! I'm just that good!

I'm so glad that Teo invited me to go out. He and I haven't been able to hang out much lately, and it was also so much fun getting to know the Bellissimo girls a bit more.

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