Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sunday, August 3: Chicago, IL- 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00 p.m.

This morning I followed my usual Sunday tradition of having breakfast before the three shows, and then I finished the work I started yesterday preparing my trailer for our jump to Atlanta.

There were some folks in the audience at the first performance that were waving to me during opening, and since they were the only caucasians in the crowd, I figured they must know me.
A couple of my co-workers told me that they had either met them or overheard them talking before the show, and that the couple were fans of ours.
After the show we were able to properly meet Lance and Frankie Shockley, who are from Nashville, TN and follow the blog.
They just happened to be in Chicago for a wedding, and Lance remembered that we were also in town.

We had more visitors at the second performance. Ariele Ebacher and Jan Damm, two performers with the Chicago based "Midnight Circus", surprised us by showing up (Ryan worked with Ariele at Circus Smirkus), and we were also supported by Tim Tegge and Ralph Pierce, who drove down from Baraboo, WI to watch the show.
Unfortunately we were only able to visit with all of them very briefly between shows.

Helen gave the third show motivational speech today:

Helen had been telling me that she was worried about giving the speech because it wasn't funny like most of the pep talks that have been given in the past, but I found it incredibly inspiring that Helen has the courage to talk about such a difficult time in her life, and that she raised money to help people in need through sponsorship of our silly little tradition. That is truly awesome.
I'd hate to have to follow her speech next week (and unfortunately I'm pretty sure that I am).

We had a fantastic audience for the third show, which was a great way to close out our 5 week stand in Chicago.
I was also happy that we were finished loading all of our props into our trailers quickly after the last performance.
I made sure to enjoy that feeling, because in Atlanta we are not going to be parked in the backyard like we have been for the past two cities.

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