Friday, August 8, 2014

Thursday, August 7: Atlanta, GA- Day Off!

This morning I went to visit with my friend, Jamarr Woodruff, who was a clown on Ringling with me for my last tour.

He took me to a nearby restaurant called JJ's Rib Shack, which he claimed has the best ribs in Atlanta. Jamarr warned me that since it was a small business, as well as extremely popular, it could possibly take up to an hour to get our food.
Sure enough, we arrived right after the shack had opened its doors, and the small parking lot was already full.

Luckily our order took only about thirty minutes to come up, but the time just flew by as Jamarr and I caught up; we haven't seen each other since I visited Ringling in 2008.

As you can see, we were not left hungry after our meal from JJ's. I was happy to get some good, down South cooking once again.

After visiting with Jamarr for a few hours I headed back to the lot to try and beat the worst of rush hour traffic.

Later in the evening I was thinking about heading out for dinner, but when I stepped outside my trailer I noticed a storm was about to hit.
I went back inside to ride the storm out, and I'm glad that I did. The rain was coming down in buckets, and the wind, thunder, and lightning were terrible. It would have been a real mess to drive in.

Finally after about 45 minutes the storm let up a bit and I drove to the Marietta Diner, which came highly recommended to me by my friends Stephen and Sarah Smith.
I love diners, and this one had an especially amazing dessert counter in the front!

After dinner I went by Jim Maltman's house to drop off a couple of DVDs and pick up a couple of packages that he let me have delivered to his place.
I ended up visiting with Jim and Therese for about two hours, sharing more stories and laughing a lot.

Even though I didn't do much touristy stuff on our days off in Atlanta, I sure did enjoy relaxing and catching up with friends.

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