Friday, August 15, 2014

Tuesday, August 12 & Wednesday, August 13: Atlanta, GA

8/12/14- 7:30 p.m.

I had an eye appointment at a Walmart near the lot this afternoon, but I wasn't able to find a parking space.
There is a small, upper level parking lot at the store's entrance, but then there is also a lower level parking area that I couldn't enter because of my truck's shell.
I circled the jam packed upper parking lot several times before finally giving up and finding another Walmart.

As luck would have it, the other Walmart had a normal parking lot and their vision department was able to squeeze me into their schedule.
I mainly needed to get more contacts, but I figured an eye exam wouldn't hurt since it had been awhile since my last one.

While I was out I had an amazing lunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe. I was talking with my waiter, and he told me that the restaurant originated in New Orleans and has started spreading east. There are a few locations in Atlanta, and even one in Orlando.
I had a delicious benedict that consisted of two poached eggs over black bean cakes and an English muffin, and then topped off with chipotle hollandaise sauce.
Heaven on a plate!

That's really all I have to talk about from Tuesday. Now you know why I waited to lump two blogs together.....

8/13/14- 7:30 p.m.

This afternoon I drove down to the Little Five Points area of Atlanta to meet up with Luke Davis and his mom, Laura.
I first met Luke in 2005 when he came to Ringling. He drew pictures of all of the clowns, and I discovered that he knows almost more about Ringling clowns than I do!
We've kept in touch throughout the years, and this is the first time I've gotten to see the Davises since Ringling played here in 2007.

We went to a restaurant called The Vortex, which serves up a crazy variety of gourmet burgers. Definitely my kind of restaurant!
While we ate lunch we all caught up with each other. I told Luke and Laura about working for Kelly Miller and Vazquez, and they filled me in on the theater productions that Luke has been a part of recently.

 Let's take a funny picture
The entrance to The Vortex

We then walked next door to the Junk Man's Daughter, which was a store full of all kinds of cool vintage clothing and campy gifts. I spotted this little item and simply had to get it for my collection:

Jim Maltman came to the show tonight with his son. I was upset that they saw the show with a small crowd that was not really into the performance.
When opening finished, all of us in the cast were met with absolute silence. When the curtain closed in front of us, I yelled out, "I think they really liked it!"

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