Friday, August 29, 2014

Wednesday, August 27: Atlanta, GA- 7:30 p.m.

Today Ryan and I signed and turned in our contracts to the circus office. That's right, it is official now; Ryan and I will be performing with Circo Hermanos Vazquez's West Coast tour next year!
We're looking forward to seeing all our fans and friends out west. I haven't performed in that area since I was there with Ringling eight years ago.

To celebrate I drove to Decatur to explore its cool downtown. I walked around for a bit to acclimate myself to the area. When it came time to choose a place to eat lunch, I disappointed myself with my decision.
With so many trendy, unique restaurants to choose from, I went with a basic sushi place that didn't really have anything extraordinary on the menu.
My food was fine, it was just very plain compared to some of the items on restaurant menus I perused.
I was just in the mood for raw fish....

To jazz up my tastebuds a bit I visited Revolution Doughnuts, which serves coffee and fancy doughnuts. How fancy? $2.50 a doughnut fancy!
I chose one with caramel and bacon on top. Mmmmmmm, caramel pork donut.....

Ryan and I had a last minute (Eddie just told us about it last night) television PR slated for 6:00 p.m. We were both ready to go at 10 minutes 'til 6, but by 6:30 the reporters still hadn't arrived.
At that time Alexa made the call that the PR had been cancelled. To be honest, I was a little disappointed; it was supposed to be an English interview for some kind of pop culture program. They had even requested us. Oh well......

Ryan and I had a lot of friends in the audience for tonight's show: Jim Maltman and his girlfriend, Therese, Rob Hadaway and his parents, and Leland Bridges, with whom I went to high school.

At the end of the water gag Ryan chases me with a bucket that the audience thinks contains water. He stops on the ring curb in front of the center section of audience and releases four spring snakes covered in blue fabric. This usually gets a great reaction from the crowd, but tonight it got a response that will be hard to top.

One guy, who was sitting on the end of the aisle, was so scared of the spring snaked that he jumped up out of his seat and ran down the aisle.
I was crouched down, so all I saw was something go flying past me; I thought Ryan had lost control of the bucket and had thrown it.
When I stood up I saw the man standing a section away, staring at me and Ryan like a little, scared rabbit.

The unexpected audience participation got a big laugh from the audience. We need more demonstrations of the fight or flight reflex in our gags!

The other entertaining part of tonight's show was a man (possibly intoxicated), who was yelling, "WHOOOOOOOOO!" at the top of his voice as often as he could.
It got to the point where we were laughing backstage just listening to his unbridled enthusiasm.
At least he was having a good time!

Jim Maltman. Not the "WHOOOOO!" guy, but still possibly intoxicated.

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Tejano said...

Congrats on signing on for a second season with Vasquez Brothers Circus. Sad to know you wont be on the East coast but you never know where we will be and may show up at one of your west coast shows! :)