Monday, September 15, 2014

Friday, September 12: Miami, FL- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

This afternoon I repainted the base of the vacuum prop, and I also replaced one of the wheels, which has been broken. I should have done both of those jobs a long time ago, but I have been lazy. Bad clown!

While the vacuum was drying I caught the commuter train downtown. One nice thing about Miami is that if you take a train in the downtown area, it is free!

I found a sushi restaurant where I had lunch. The sushi was good, and the staff was friendly; they gave me a menu to take back to the circus since they deliver.
I also visited Quarterman's, which had delicious ice cream. I'll definitely return there before we leave town.

"El Gordo Y La Flaca" was filming at the circus today, but luckily Ryan and I were relieved of national PR duty for the day so the program could have a little variety.
One juggling act was brought in for the publicity from the west coast unit, which is currently in L.A.

After the first show tonight a man approached me and Ryan to tell us that he was a circus clown in France. He didn't speak much English at all, so we communicated through hand signals and simple words. Ryan attempted to communicate in French, but as soon as he opened his mouth all of the words and phrases he knew from High School left him.
He did manage to say, "I am Ryan, (motioning to me) and she is Steve".
Darned tricky pronouns!

We had a couple of celebrities at the shows tonight. Jorge Salinas, a big telenovela star, was the special guest at both shows, and the former Miss Universe was in the audience for the second performance.

Speaking of the second show, the audience was fantastic! Ryan and I definitely needed their enthusiasm and laughter, as we had a rough week of shows.

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