Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Monday, September 1: Atlanta, GA- 5:30 p.m.

This morning Ryan and I went to Jim Maltman's house to get in one more visit before we left town.
Also, Jim was nice enough to let us have another package sent to his house, this one containing our new wigs from Tara Kelly. (

When we opened the box, our faces lost their excitement and took on looks of confusion. Inside were the items that Tara had said she was sending along with the wigs: skull caps, snaps, needles and thread, and brushes......but our wigs were nowhere to be found.
Instead, there was a big pair of granny panties, and a Prince wig.

Just when I was about to call Tara to find out what had happened, Jim burst out laughing and pulled our clown wigs out of their hiding place.
I couldn't believe that he pranked us so beautifully; he really had us going. I bet our faces were priceless!

Back at the lot I got my trailer all ready for travel. I had meant to do some of the work yesterday, but with the three shows we had, all I felt like doing during my down time was resting.

We had one show this afternoon for Labor Day, and it was well attended for a midday show on a weekday.
I had a hard time summoning up any energy for the performance. I'm not sure if the heat took it out of me, or if I was just ready to hit the road.

It took us about an hour to get all of our props out of the tent and into our trailers, but it wasn't a difficult job. Luckily my energy had returned to me at the show's conclusion.

Atlanta was a lot of fun, but now it is off to Miami, FL, the sun and fun capitol of the world!

Peace out, ATL!

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