Monday, September 29, 2014

Saturday, September 27: Bronx, NY- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

This morning I went to Manhattan to get a belated birthday gift for Georgie. In that mission I succeeded, but unfortunately I wasn't able to find the clown make up that Ryan and I need.

I felt like having some NYC pizza this afternoon, and Google Maps led me to a Zagat rated pizzeria not far from where I was.
My pizza was very tasty, but it came uncut, and my only utensils were a fork and a butter knife that was not ideal for cutting through crust. To add to that, the pizza came on a slightly warped metal dish,  so as I attempted to cut the pie, the whole dish kept rotating on the table. Did I mention that the table was also off kilter, so with every movement of the knife everything on top of the table started to slide towards the edge.
I'm sure it was very entertaining to see me eat my lunch.

A similar buffoonish thing happened to me the other night while I was enjoying a post musical drink with Claire and Georgie.
I went to wash my hands in the bathroom, and the sinks were the kind where you hold your hands under the faucet to get the water to come out.
I did as I was supposed to, but the water shot out, completely missing my hands and going out of the sink and onto the crotch of my jeans.
I went back to the table with my shirt untucked to hide my accidental wetting and told the dancers, "Just once it would be nice not to be a clown 24/7."

This afternoon Ryan and I were happy to have some of our friends visiting. Seth Bloom, Christina Gelsone, and Jane Lok came by the lot this afternoon to catch up with us.
Seth and Christina were recently the clowns on Big Apple Circus; Ryan and I worked with them in Shanghai back in 2008. We got to see Jane several times in Houston with her husband, Rob; we were happy to see her smiling face again.

Both shows had great audiences, which I'm especially happy about since our friends watched the first performance.
Unfortunately I was off my game in both carpenter gags. In the second gag I could not stand still to save my life! I was constantly off balance and stumbling when I meant to stand still. I guess I need to lay off the hootch before the shows!

A small group was going to a jazz bar to celebrate Georgie's birthday after work. I got all dressed up to go out, but as I was waiting to leave, my eyes started to get very heavy.
Since I saw the bar was open until 4 a.m., and I know how late people on this show like to stay out, I graciously bowed out until the next time.

In closing, here is a link to the photos that Alex Beker took of me and Ryan on the last day in Miami.

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