Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Saturday, September 6: Miami, FL- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

This morning I walked over to the tent to check on the crew's progress. Backstage was not ready, but I called Ryan and suggested that it would be best to start taking our props over to the tent.

I'm glad that we stared early, because it took a long time for us to load in. We loaded the props in my truck, drove the half mile over to the tent, unloaded them, and then took them around the tent and into backstage.
It took us three trips to take everything, and then we had to make one extra trip over in the little car.
I always drive the little car to the tent from the trailers, but this time I brought Ryan along since it was such a journey.

Unfortunately we discovered that one of the tires had a flat when we were waiting to cross the street to go to the tent.
We popped the same tire that we had to change twice in Atlanta, so this time we put electrical tape inside the wheel's rim since it seemed that is what keeps popping the tubes. Hopefully we covered any sharp edges with the tape....if that is even the problem!

Once we got all of our props backstage we couldn't set them up because the floor and dressing rooms were still being constructed. We left everything out of the way, against the tent's sidewall.

After breaking for lunch Ryan and I went back over to set up our props. The ground backstage is dirt; that coupled with the awful humidity left us feeling disgusting by the time we were done.
I felt so bad for the crew that have been working nonstop in those conditions for a couple of days.

Finally, a few hours before showtime we drove our costumes over to the tent and hung them up in the dressing room, which had just been completed.

I got into make up over at the tent, and I spent the entire evening there. I didn't go back to my house between shows like I usually do since it would take too much time. I also didn't want to walk alone and in clown make up through the sketchy neighborhood where we are parked.

One definite downside of not going home during the shows was that Ryan and I had to wear wet costumes for the second water gag.
Usually we run the costumes over to Ryan's house so Tatiana can dry them for the next show, but the Vazquez brothers wouldn't let us bring my truck over to the tent to be used for the laundry runs.

I couldn't believe how humid it was backstage. It made me want to travel back in time to Houston and Atlanta so I could slap myself for complaining about the humidity then. Those towns seemed like a cakewalk in comparison!

Luckily the audiences tonight were great. Ryan and I were grateful for that silver lining.
Mona Loyal, Armando's sister, was at the second show with some of her family. It was a nice surprise to see them.

After the shows I went out to have dinner, but I couldn't find the restaurant I had set out to visit.
Since I was out I decided to swing by Walmart to get a new squeegee (the one we use in the vacuum gag broke right before we went on), and some more tire accessories for the little car, but the store didn't carry half of the things I needed.

Since I was striking out left and right I just decided to go back to the lot. I almost failed at that too!
There is a night club across the street from our trailers, and people were parking along the sidewalk bordering the lot.
Some genius parked his car right in front of the open gate allowing us access to our truck parking area.
I had just enough room to squeeze in between his hood and a street sign; I had maybe an inch of clearance on either side of me.

Off to an auspicious start in Miami, FL.......

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