Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tuesday, September 9 & Wednesday, September 10: Miami, FL

9/9/14- 7:30 p.m.

We had another small crowd for the show tonight. Afterwards, while Ryan and I were in the concessions area taking pictures, a woman was walking by the tent doors when the big Mastiff belonging to one of the Vazquez brothers wandered into the tent.
The woman stopped in awe of the humongous dog and exclaimed, "Oh my God, you're beautiful!"
From nearby I responded, "Thanks! You're not so bad yourself!"

After work I went to a very classy dining establishment. Maybe you've heard of it? It is called Hooters.
When it was time to leave I needed change for my waitress' tip, so I went up to the bartender and asked her to break a five dollar bill.
She took it, looked in the register and said, "I'm sorry, but all I have is singles."
I waited for a minute to see if she was joking, but when I saw that she was serious, I bit my tongue before I could burt out, "How else would you give me change for a five?!"
I just smiled and bade her a good night.

God speed, Hooters bartender. God speed.

9/10/14- 7:30 p.m.

The past couple of days have been very low key for me. I feel bad that I'm not taking advantage of any of the sightseeing opportunities in the city, but I just haven't been motivated to go anywhere.

Business was up tonight from our Monday and Tuesday shows, which was a relief.
Sam McCollum, who Ryan and I met on Kelly Miller last year, came to the performance tonight.
Sam and his son, Braxton, saw us on KM in Waynesburg, PA for several years before coming over and introducing themselves to us last year.
They caught us again in Hancock, MD, and I keep in touch with Braxton through Facebook.

To make a long story even longer, Sam is in Miami on a business trip, and on his way to dinner last night he drove by the tent and saw our faces on the advertising.
He got in touch with Braxton, who contacted me to let me know his dad was in town.
As luck would have it, Sam had tonight off, so he came to catch the show!

While Ryan and I were waiting to do the vacuum gag tonight, Raul Gonzalez, a television host formerly with UNIVISION, came over and told us that he thought we were amazing.
It was very nice of him to come over and give us the kind words of praise.

After the show Sam and I went out to have dinner. We were going to take my truck, but it was blocked in, so Ryan was nice enough to let me use his truck.

We had dinner and caught up, and then I dropped Sam off at his hotel, the Ritz Carlton over on the island of Key Biscayne.


Carl Bly said...

I hope you posted the Hooters story on your FB page. I need to copy that and put up!!!

Steve Copeland said...

Hey Carl,

Feel free to copy and paste the story, or share the whole blog post on your FB!