Saturday, October 18, 2014

Friday, October 17: Bronx, NY- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

I didn't set an alarm this morning so I could sleep in a little bit; boy was I surprised when I woke up right before noon! I guess my body really needed rest!

This afternoon I met Laura Rizer in Manhattan for lunch. Laura and I went to the same school in Walterboro, SC, but she was three grades behind me, so we never really had much interaction.
I just happened to find out that she was living in Brooklyn, so I looked her up and we planned to meet up on one of her days off.
Laura is keeping very busy with her job as a set production assistant. She is currently working on the filming of a new crime drama for HBO that will debut next year.

We picked up sandwiches from a deli that her crew is always ordering from, and then we went to a little park to eat.
After finishing our food we walked around the northern part of Central Park, which has some beautiful scenes of nature that almost make you forget you're in a city.
Laura is a student and practitioner of improvisational comedy, so it was nice to be able to talk comedy and performing with somebody out of my circle of circus friends.

Laura came to watch the first performance, which unfortunately had a rather subdued audience. I was happy that the second crowd made up for the first with their energy.

Today was Emma's birthday, so the dancers organized a party outside of their trailers after work. For me, the highlight of the event was playing party games, some of them American standards, some of them coming from jolly old England, and one of them that I'm pretty sure Georgie made up on the spot.
That one in particular required the two competing teams to have all of their players spin in a circle ten times with their foreheads on a stick, run a short distance, put on one of the dancers' penguin jumpsuits, drink a shot of alcohol without using their hands, get out of the penguin suit, and then spin around ten more times with their foreheads on the stick before tagging the next player, who would then do the same.

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