Saturday, October 25, 2014

Friday, October 24: Bronx, NY- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

This morning I walked to the laundromat in Harlem to wash my dirty clothes. Usually I wait until a Monday to do that chore, but I wanted to save myself from doing laundry on a day off.

Today for the "Scare-athon", which I have been severely slacking on this season, I watched the stupid horror film "Dr. Giggles".
There actually were some decent moments in the movie, but I gave up on caring about halfway through when the titular doctor did in one of his victims with a giant, comical band aid.

I've been watching my fair share of dumb fright flicks this year, but that is mainly because I want to see some new movies to get me in the mood around Halloween, and I've already seen most of the good ones.

Ryan and I had a radio PR in the tent's concession area an hour before the show. We actually only did one brief interview during that whole hour.
The rest of the time we amused ourselves by playing dominoes and Jenga with boxes of Uncle Ben's rice that the DJs had cases of.....for some reason.

We did get to try our hands at being DJs, but that dream quickly collapsed once the real DJ caught us messing with his equipment.


I wasn't really feeling it for the shows tonight, and the audiences didn't seem to be in a circus mood either.
On the plus side, I may have found a solution to some of the problems we've been pulling our hair out over in the vacuum gag.
I always like it when an improvisation fueled by frustration turns out to be useful!

After the shows there was a surprise birthday barbecue for Yolanda, the wife of Enrique, our lightning tech.
Ryan and I spent the majority of the evening talking to Jose, the father of the Azzario Sisters and a member of the renowned Jose Michel clown troupe.
We enjoyed talking about clowning and circuses in Europe with Jose, and he was very gracious with advice and information.

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