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Monday, October 13 & Tuesday, October 14: Bronx, NY

9/13/14- 7:30 p.m.

This morning I walked to the laundromat across the river in Harlem. I liked it much better than the laundromat I visited in the Bronx two weeks ago; this one was bigger, had more machines, and actually had places to sit!

After putting away my clean clothes I went to Target and Home Depot to pick up a few things.
One of the items I purchased was PVC glue, which Ryan and I used on the bucket that shoots spring snakes at the audience at the end of the water gag.
The release mechanism broke on Sunday, and it was only through sheer luck that we were able to get the effect to work for the final show.

There was a huge crowd at the show tonight, which was unusual for a Monday night. Hopefully the rest of our weekdays in the Bronx will be like that.

After the show there was a birthday party for Eddie, our production manager. He was celebrating with a classic cartoon themed costume party in the tent, and the dancers had asked me to be a part of their group costuming choice.

I went over to Georgie and Claire's trailer to get ready. There we transformed ourselves into the Simpsons!

I was the only lucky one to wear a yellow under armour shirt and yellow tights. All the other girls had to paint their limbs yellow.

And Claire had to add hilarious pillow fat

It was fun seeing all of the different costumes that people came in, some of them fitting the theme, and some of them, not so much.....

 The birthday boy

 I think Claire just wanted me to be Bart for this reason

 A special shout out to the dancers for doing such an amazing job with Emma's hair

 I have two daddies!

I was afraid that I would have a difficult time getting the yellow make up off my face, ears, and neck, but after a hot shower I checked in the mirror and saw that I was back to my normal, shockingly pale skin tone.

9/14/14- Day Off!

This morning Ryan took Tatiana and Nico to New Jersey, right on the other side of the George Washington Bridge, to meet his Grandma and Grandpa Chan.
They are taking Tatiana and Nico to Massachusetts for ten days to visit with Ryan's side of the family.
Ryan asked me to tag along to help navigate on our way back into the city.

Really, getting back into the city was way easier than leaving. On the way out we had to go through a lot of morning traffic on one way city streets before we could get to the highway and the bridge.
Getting back to the lot was a piece of cake comparatively.

Last night I was so confidant that I had washed up well after my appearance as Bart Simpson, but this morning Ryan and Tatiana were laughing because certain parts of my face were stained yellow.
I simply couldn't tell from my trailer's lights, which are also yellowish.
I checked in with the dancers this morning, and they were having a similar problem, except they also had to worry about their arms and legs looking like bananas. 
I solved my problem by putting some of my flesh clown make up on the worst parts of my face; the base is so close to my skin tone that you couldn't even tell I was wearing make up.

Ryan and I went to Manhattan in the late morning to enjoy our day off from work. We started off by having lunch at a great Jewish delicatessen called "Ben's Deli".
We each had a hot pastrami sandwich on rye, and we shared a bowl of matzoh ball soup, potato pancakes, and a kugel for dessert.

Next we walked down to the East Village and visited a few shops that piqued our interest, including Forbidden Zone, which is a geek's paradise full of comics, action figures, and other nerdy paraphernalia, and The Strand, a huge book store close to Union Square.
I'll have to go back to The Strand another time, because the amount of books on the huge shelves was a bit too overwhelming for me at the time. I'm out of practice since we haven't seen a Half Price Books since Chicago.

Around 4:30 p.m. Ryan and I headed up to Times Square to put our names in the lottery drawing for Book of Mormon. Book of Mormon is one of the hottest tickets on Broadway now, and it is difficult to get a seat for less than a couple hundred dollars.
If your name is drawn from the lottery, you can purchase up to two tickets for $32 a piece.
Ryan, Georgie, and I each entered our names for the drawing, but we were not victorious....this time!

Luckily, just a block away was the theatre for another show we wanted to see, "A Genetleman's Guide To Love And Murder".
We were able to get inexpensive tickets for the balcony, and Claire, Emma, and Nico Espana joined the three of us in seeing the musical.

I was a little worried at first, because in the first ten minutes or so I feared that I was going to hate the show. 
Once the story picked up steam I quickly changed my mind, and I ended up really enjoying myself.
The highlight for me was one of the leads, Jefferson Mays, who played nine different characters throughout the course of the performance. He was amazing!

After an evening of musical theatre we walked over to Lindy's, the famous NYC spot for overpriced cheesecake.
We sat eating and discussing the show, as well as other more serious matters.....

Like spooning

Half of our group headed home after we left Lindy's, but Ryan, Georgie, Claire, and I met up with Helen and her friends, Katie and Ellie, over by Radio City Music Hall.
We walked to a bar down by Penn Station, where we met a friend of Katie's who lives in the Empire State Building!

Ryan and I didn't stay for too long at the bar because we were both tired; my lower back was killing me from all the walking we did. 
When we finally got back to the circus I was asleep within minutes of lying down. I'd say we had a successful and enjoyable day off!

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