Thursday, October 9, 2014

Monday, October 6-Wednesday, October 8: Bronx, NY

10/6/14- 7:30 p.m.

Today I met my friend, Josh Shack, in Manhattan. We got lunch and then found a big, flat rock in Central Park where we sat, ate, and caught up with each other.
Josh and I have been best friends since we worked together on Ringling ten years ago. It was fun to walk around Central Park and talk, especially since I haven't spent much time in Central Park on any of my previous NYC visits.

Today for the "Scare-athon" I watched "Texas Chainsaw 3D", which wasn't bad for being a remake of a remake of the original 1974 horror classic.

Josh and Joy Powers came to the lot before the show, and I was able to visit with them for a bit before I had to get into make up.
They watched tonight's performance with a few of their Circus Smirkus friends.

After work Josh, Joy, and I walked to an Italian restaurant called Giovanni's that was not too far from the lot.
I was elated to discover that Monday night was karaoke night at the restaurant, but by the time we had ordered our food, the karaoke session had ended.
I walked back to our table with my head hanging down and my tail between my legs, but a good meal and good company perked me right back up again.

10/7/14- 7:30 p.m.

This morning Josh and I spent some more time catching up before we joined Ryan and his family for lunch across the street from the lot at Marisco's.

After eating I caught a train to Columbus Circle and met up with Ingrid, who is a psychology student working in NYC on an internship through her university in Mexico City.
Ingrid and I found a coffee shop where we sat and talked about our lives for a long time. After awhile we went on a short walk in Central Park, and then it was time for me to head back to the circus.

Back at the lot I was happy to see that a couple of our friends were visiting. Elliot Zimet, a magician who was in Clown Alley with me, Ryan, and Josh ten years ago, and Kevin Brown, a former Ringling clown from the 1980s, were both hanging out in Ryan's house.
Elliot, Josh, and Ryan were all brainstorming ideas for an illusion that Elliot was trying to improve, and Kevin brought a delicious red velvet cake for us all to enjoy so we wouldn't have to work on an empty, sugarless stomach.

Kevin was in the area teaching circus skills with the company Cirque Du Jour, and he brought three of his fellow teachers with him to the show.
During the show I was surprised to get a text from David and Cherie Gregg, former Ringling Gold advance clowns, saying that they were also in the seats.
It was nice to have so many friends in the crowd cheering us on for the performance.

9/8/14- 7:30 p.m.

This morning Josh and I headed down to the The Village where we had a delicious lunch at a Vietnamese sandwich shop.

After lunch we visited one of my favorite bakeries, Veniero's, and we each grabbed a pastry to go. We then proceeded to walk the fifty two blocks up Manhattan to Lincoln Center, where Big Apple Circus was well into the set up for its three month run.

Speaking of Big Apple, on our subway ride back to the Bronx, Josh spotted a man who looked like Glen Heroy, who was a clown in the BAC production, "Play On" (he was also a featured personality on the PBS television special, "Circus").
Josh had met Glen once before, but he wasn't entirely sure that it was him on the train, so we didn't say anything.
Once we were above ground and I had cell phone service once again, I sent a text to Kelly Miller's clown, John Sayre, who is good friends with Glen. John asked Glen if he had just been on the subway wearing a Frankenstein hoodie, and we found out that it had been him!
I sent a message to Glen and apologized for not saying hello, and we made plans to meet for coffee at some point in the near future.

Before heading back to the lot Josh and I visited a supermarket in Harlem and picked up some food for dinner.

We had a very energetic audience for the show tonight, which made performing for them so much easier.

After work my dutiful, temporary, house wife, Josh, made a delicious dinner: chicken with mushrooms, spinach, and lemon mascarpone cream sauce with a side of rice. Delish!

Ryan came over to hang out while we ate, and then the three of us went to Ryan's house to watch the premiere episode of "American Horror Story: Freak Show". I'm counting that as my "Scare-athon" view for the day since I missed out on Tuesday.

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