Friday, October 24, 2014

Thursday, October 23: Bronx, NY- 7:30 p.m.

The rain continued today, but thankfully not as strong as on Wednesday.
Helen joined me on a trip to the Upper West Side to visit the Candle Cafe West, a vegan restaurant.
Our food was good, but not as tasty as the meal I had at the Chicago Diner, a vegetarian restaurant that I visited five years ago.

Next we hopped on the subway and headed down to Union Square so Helen could sell some of her old books at The Strand. I admire her strength; I don't think I could ever part with any of my books.

Before heading back to the lot we stopped in at Max Brenner's, a fancy schmancy chocolate shop/restaurant in the area.
I got a cup of hot chocolate so potent in its sweetness that I thought I may have to amputate a few toes after drinking it.
Man, was it a great antidote to the dreary, cold, wet weather, though!

Speaking of sweets, I was amused to find a new addition to the backstage lounge in the tent today:

A vending machine! Now if we could just get some massage therapists and a blackjack table, we'll be in business!

We had a very lively audience for the show tonight, which was a treat.
There was a group of about six or seven payasos in the crowd wearing full clown make up and costumes.
They came into the ring after the show and immediately went to talk to the Vazquez kids.
Backstage I asked Jan if they were our replacements. Jan, never a slouch, replied with, "I hate for you to find out like this....."

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