Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tuesday, September 30 & Wednesday, October 1: Bronx, NY

9/30/14-7:30 p.m.

This afternoon I went down to the Village and had lunch at Pommes Frites, which is a french fry restaurant!
You get a paper cone of fries, and there are a plethora of dipping sauces you can choose from to go with your meal.

After I'd had my fill of fried potatoes I visited the cobbler shop that had my clown shoe. The cobbler replaced the leather on the entire front part of the shoe, and he did an excellent job; it looks brand new!
I am going to take my other shoe in at some point to have him do the same for it.

At 2:00 p.m. Ryan and I met Claire and Laura in the tent for a dance rehearsal. We showed them the tap choreography that we had put together yesterday; they suggested better moves in some places, and they cleaned up the rest of the steps for us.

Before heading over to the tent I blew the dust off of the tap shoes that I haven't touched in over four years, and I used them to practice our dance.
One thing that I didn't take into account was that the taps are incredibly slick, so at the end of the number, when I was running into position, I slipped and slid a distance of about three feet on one heel before landing flat on my back.
Everyone was laughing (including me once I got my breath back), but no one got more enjoyment out of my misfortune than my arch nemesis, Claire.

While I was setting the water props for the show I ran into Ramon Vazquez. He asked if I would ride with him and his family to the nearest subway station and then drive his car back to the lot for him.
Since I had time to kill, I agreed to help out. In theory it was a very easy task, but the realities of rush hour traffic and one way streets turned the half mile trip into a twenty minute tour of the Bronx.
At one point, sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on a bridge, I happened to look at the car's dash and see that the gas gauge was on empty.
Luckily I didn't have to leave my boss' expensive car in the middle of a bridge with an empty tank; I finally made it back to the lot.

We had a small crowd for the show tonight, and it was tough to get any reactions out of the folks that did show up.
Luckily we had a barbecue celebrating Georgie's birthday to look forward to after work. The party was going to be last Friday, on her actual birthday, but it was delayed due to our opening day being so hectic.
I visited for awhile, but once it started raining I said good night and headed in for the evening.

10/1/14- 7:30 p.m.

It's October! And you know what that means......."SCARE-ATHON" time!
Ryan and I haven't really planned for a horror movie marathon this year, but I figure even if we don't sit down and watch them together, I still intend to watch one scary movie a day.

I kicked off the 2014 "Scare-athon" with "The Deadly Spawn", a 1983 film about giant leech like monsters from outer space.

There were some nice gore effects, but they were few and far between. The movie was incredibly slow and boring for the majority of its running time. I don't recommend it.

This afternoon Helen and I went downtown to Studio 54 to catch a 2:00 p.m. performance of "Cabaret", starring Alan Cumming.
The last show I saw at Studio 54 was "Threepenny Opera", and it also had Alan Cumming in the lead role. Despite having an amazing cast (including Jim Dale, the star of "Barnum" on Broadway [who I got to meet afterwards]), I was not a fan of that show.
On the contrary, I absolutely loved "Cabaret". The way the show was presented was so creative; the theatre was set up to look like a nightclub, with the seats in the orchestra section replaced with tables and chairs.
Even the front mezzanine had little armrest/tables between the seats. There were also waitresses going around taking drink and food orders before the show and at Intermission.

The attention to details and creative staging didn't stop there, but my descriptions on the blog would not do them justice!
If you have the chance, I urge you to catch the current production before it closes next March!

I was feeling very drained for the show this evening; I had a hard time giving my all for each gag.
Ryan and I were also disheartened to find out this evening that we have early television publicities for the next two mornings.

I went for a walk in Manhattan after the show to clear my head. When I was ready to call it a night I entered Grand Central Terminal to catch a train to the Bronx.
As I was walking through the building I heard some yelling up ahead. There was a very irate, possibly crazy man with no shoes on getting in the face of a police officer and yelling, "I'm not going to take any orders from you!"

As I rounded the corner and had my back turned to the two men, I heard exclamations from the people gathered around them. I quickly turned around to see what was happening, and apparently the man had taken a swing at the cop.
All of a sudden three more police officers ran out of nowhere and tackled the man to the ground.

I didn't stick around to see how things turned out. I figured with my luck the plucky man on the ground would manage to get a gun away from one of the cops and start firing at random into the crowd. (So I have an active imagination....I've seen a lot of movies!)


Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the first guy who did the tigers with Kelly Miller?

Steve Copeland said...

Casey was working with McLaren's Circus in South Africa for the last three years.
Now he still lives there, but I don't believe he is with that show anymore.