Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Monday, November 24 & Tuesday, November 25: Queens, NY

11/24/14- 7:30 p.m.

This morning Ryan and I went to the Forest Hills Hospital to visit Georgie, who is recuperating from pneumonia.
She was in the I.C.U, so we had to wear masks over the lower half of our faces, as well as rubber gloves.

Georgie was in great spirits and said she was feeling much better than she had yesterday; she claimed her first good night's sleep in awhile did wonders.
Georgie's parents are with her all the way from England, so it was nice to meet them as well.
It was great to see Georgie and hear her laugh at our stupid jokes and pointless stories.

After leaving the hospital Ryan and I traveled to the Garment District in Manhattan to go fabric shopping.
The Garment District is HUGE, and even though we only saw one small part of it (one block), I was completely overwhelmed after searching through every other fabric shop.

Ryan was looking for material for his new agent suit, and we also needed fabric for new pairs of pants for the water gag.
Luckily we found everything that we needed in that one block, but I can't imagine all the amazing fabrics we missed by not looking in other areas.

Back at the lot I was just in time to meet up with Eggroll and Bob Yorburg so we could have dinner before the show.
Bob used to have a talent agency called Wizard Productions, and he also played "The King", the mascot for the "Burger King" restaurants that was portrayed by different people around the country in the 1970s.

Oh, and at dinner Eggroll bought my meal. Thanks!

During the show tonight I was pleased to see that there was a new ring carpet in the tent. I noticed when I took my first fall in the carpenter gag; the new carpet was so soft and fluffy! It was like falling on a cloud.......covering a slab of cement!

After the show a family approached us with their son, Matthew, who was wearing a rainbow clown wig.
His parents told us that they have been to our show three times, and Matthew loves us. He even watches our Youtube videos constantly.

Don't let his expression fool you!

I told them to hold tight until we were done taking pictures with everyone so I could run back to the trailer and get Matthew an 8x10 photo.

The pressure was really on since I had just learned to write my name that morning.

I had been feeling down and sorry for myself during the show, so Matthew's love of us was exactly what I needed to snap me out of my funk.

After the show Ryan and I went into the tent to practice our trumpets for the new act we'll be doing on the Christmas tour.
We will be playing a Dixieland style song in two part harmony, and this was the first time we have played our parts together.
Luckily it went very well; I just need to get my trumpet looked at because the valves are sticking a bit.

A little later I walked to the 24 hour laundromat not far from the lot so that I could drop off my dirty clothes; I wanted to get that part over with since I planned to be gone all day for our day off.

11/25/14- Day Off!

This morning I joined the dancers, the Pompeyos, and several members of the Espana family for a traditional English breakfast (egg, back bacon, sausage, tomato, mushroom, beans, toast, and tea) at the Chip Shop, a British pub in Brooklyn.

Visan and Laura had been before and invited the pub's owner to the circus, so he was nice enough to put on the English breakfast for us today even though they usually only do it on the weekend.
He was also nice enough to treat us to the meal. Such a nice guy!

After our delicious breakfast, Claire and I journeyed to explore Williamsburg, a part of Brooklyn that came recommended to us.
Brooklyn is the one area of New York City that I know the least, so I was excited to look around.
Claire and I found lots of great little shops to duck into and browse through, and the weather, although not as beautiful as yesterday's, was still great for an afternoon of walking.

In the evening we met Eggroll in Times Square to have dinner. Afterwards Claire headed back to Queens while Eggroll and I went to see the play, "The Elephant Man".
I really enjoyed the show; the true standout was Bradley Cooper, who played Joseph Merrick, the titular character.
He had to contort his body into such an uncomfortable position to mimic Merrik's disfigurement that I was truly impressed at his ability to hold the deformities while masterfully acting.

During Intermission Eggroll and I saw Memo, our ringmaster, and Hugo, his boyfriend, in the lobby. I was saying how I had a great seat in the Mezzanine for $89, and Memo said that although his seat was fantastic (fourth row in the orchestra section), he had paid almost $900 for his tickets!

My friend, Buist Bickley, is in charge of the props for the show, and even though he is in our hometown for Thanksgiving, he was kind enough to set me and Eggroll up with a backstage tour after the play.

When Eggroll and I exited the theatre there was a mob of hundreds of people at the stage door waiting to see Bradley Cooper.
It didn't seem like we'd ever get over to security to tell them that we were on the list, but luckily Eggroll is a take charge kind of guy.
He essentially dragged me around the fences and right up to the stage door!

When security asked who we were, I gave our names and said we were there to see Diane Divita, the stage manager.
We were whisked backstage to meet Diane, who gave us a great tour. We saw all of the props that Buist had either bought or built for the production, and she took us onto the stage for an up close look.
I was astounded when I saw that the stage was raked, meaning it is tilted at an angle towards the audience.
So not only did Bradley Cooper have to act while twisting his body into a semblance of "The Elephant Man", but he was also working at a slant the entire time!
Bravo, sir!

After our tour, Eggroll and I prepared to go through the stage door and into Shubert Alley to face the waiting mob. The woman at the door gave us a little pep talk and told us to put on a show for the crowd.
Even though I was too embarrassed to follow her advice, Eggroll once again felt right at home and began blowing kisses and waving to the crowd as soon as we exited the stage door.
The people waiting for the stars thought it was hilarious and began cheering and laughing.
It was nice to feel important for a few glorious seconds!

Many thanks to Memo, who captured it on his phone!

I guess we should have stuck around, because when Bradley Cooper came out to meet his fans, he took a selfie with Memo on Memo's phone!

On the walk to our subway station Eggroll and I saw a protest over the verdict of the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, MO.
Thousands of people were walking right up Broadway, holding signs and chanting, "Hands up! Don't shoot!"
The protestors just kept coming and coming, and every so often there were police officers marching alongside the crowd.
Traffic was completely stopped in all directions. It was quite a sight to behold.


Marie Martin said...

I've been wondering how terrible the makeup damage would be if I played a trumpet. Do you need to retouch afterward? I always assumed anything on my lips would vanish into the horn.

Steve Copeland said...


It depends. I remember having a small piece of my blue lip come off on Kelly Miller when I would play the trumpet, but I don't remember it being so bad on Vazquez.