Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tuesday, November 11: Queens, NY- 7:30 p.m.

This morning I borrowed a ladder from the big top so I could do some work on my trailer's roof to stop a leak in my bedroom.
The ladder I borrowed was not an A frame, instead it was one of the ones that has a sliding extension.

I had no sooner placed the end of the ladder on the back of my trailer than I looked over to see Claire, my next door neighbor, watching me like a hawk.
"Don't fall, Steve", Claire creepily intoned. I asked her in the event that I did fall to please call 911 after she was finished laughing.
As I climbed the 45 degree angle to my trailer's roof I became more and more aware that the ladder was not resting very securely on the top of my house.
As I was about to take the last two steps I turned to Claire and said, "This is the scary part."
She was just asking why when I took one more step and the ladder slipped off my roof and quickly dropped away.

Luckily I had put my hands on the roof's edge before I took the fateful step, and as the ladder was falling it was stopped by one of the latches for the trailer's cargo door.
One of my feet landed on the ladder, and the other leg went in between the rungs. The ladder supported my weight for a second before falling to the ground.
I hung from the roof until I had sufficiently prepared myself, and then I let go and dropped to the ground.
When I landed on my feet I lost my balance and fell on the ground in a heap with the ladder.

To her credit, Claire only laughed a little before running outside to make sure I was ok.
I gratefully accepted Claire's offer to hold the ladder while I climbed up to fix the problem.
One part of me wishes that Claire had gotten the whole thing on film, but on the other hand I really don't feel like being a Youtube sensation because of my lack of common sense.

Greg Michales, one of my friends from New Jersey, came to Queens to take me to lunch today. We went to the dumpling house that I visited last week with Yael, and it was just as delicious the second time around.
Greg and I talked about the circus; he asked me questions about the shows I have been on (Greg and his family met me on Kelly Miller a couple of years ago), and he told me about the times he auditioned for Ringling's Clown College.

This evening Ryan and I had some more friends in the audience: Mark Gindick, Michael Bongar, Bob Good, and Alan Jacobs.
Mark is a clown who has worked for Ringling and Big Apple, and he currently performs his highly acclaimed one man show, "Wing Man".
Michael is a Ringling Clown College grad, a former mud show clown, and is currently one of the top variety agents in NYC.
Bob has worked for many years as a hand balancer and magician, and Alan is a member of the well known juggling duo, The Gizmo Guys.

We had another big crowd tonight; I'm hoping this weekday trend continues for the remainder of our run in Queens.

After the show Ryan and I spent some time visiting with Mark and Michael, and then I went over to Georgie and Claire's trailer for a Disney movie night.
We attempted to watch "Monsters University", but the disc we borrowed from Nico was scratched, so we had to stop halfway through due to the movie skipping too much.

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