Friday, November 21, 2014

Tuesday, November 18 & Wednesday, November 19: Queens, NY

11/18/14- Day Off!

I desperately needed to do my laundry today, but I didn't want to waste precious time on my day off.
What a quandary!
After much debating I decided to use the drop off service at the laundromat near the lot.
What a wonderful feeling to not be wasting a couple of hours in a small, crowded laundromat!

I took it easy for our day off. I felt no need to go out that much because it was windy and freezing cold.

In the late afternoon I did join Ryan and his family for a trip to Times Square.
I got them to the theatre where "Aladdin" was playing, and then I headed over to try and win cheap tickets for "The Book of Mormon" AGAIN.
I lost....AGAIN!

Luckily, Ryan and Nico both won two cheap tickets to "Aladdin" in the lottery, so I happily joined the Combses to see that wonderful show once again. (Apparently the lottery for "Aladdin" is WAY easier to win than for "Book of Mormon")

Ryan and Nico had box seats, just like when Josh and I saw the show a few weeks ago. Tatiana and I had excellent seats in the orchestra, so I was able to see things I missed the last time because of my obstructed view in the box.
I was also happy that the original actor who portrayed the character of Iago was in the show, since his understudy had been working last time.
He was excellent, and my second favorite actor, after the Genie.
Once again I loved the show; I highly recommend it if you're in NYC!

Back at the lot Helen came over to watch one of my favorite movies, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", with me.
I told Helen that I hadn't seen the film in awhile, meaning it has been a few months. Helen totally trumped me when she said, "Me either! I think it's been sixteen years since I've seen it!"

It was extremely cold this evening. According to my phone it felt like it was 9 degrees outside.
I was grateful during the night when I woke up and found out that the power was still on long after the time it usually cuts off, which meant that my electric heater was running almost all night.

11/19/14- 7:30 p.m.

I was less grateful this morning when I woke up and found that there was no water.
I had left my faucets running all day and night so the water wouldn't freeze, but the main hoses providing all of us with water were disconnected and drained last night so they wouldn't freeze.
The problem is that all of the hoses going to our houses were not, so they all froze.


Luckily, my pump and pipes were not frozen, but I had neglected to fill my tank, so I didn't have any running water.


On a happy note, Natalya Pompeyo organized a surprise baby shower for Ryan and Tatiana that took place today.

Ryan and Tatiana were extremely surprised and happy, and the shower was a great success.
Many thanks to Natalya for all of her hard work and planning!
(A couple of days ago I went over to set the carpenter gag and heard Natalya talking to Ryan about the plans on Wednesday afternoon. Assuming that she was telling him about the shower to help surprise Tatiana, I opened my big trap and said, "Oh, Ryan knows!"
Natalya gave me a look that stopped me in my verbal tracks, and then she quickly saved the situation by repeating what she had just told Ryan. "Yes, he's excited about the Russian restaurant we're taking him and Tatiana to on Wednesday."
I quickly caught on and said, "Yeah! That's a great restaurant! You'll love it, Ryan!"
Luckily he didn't catch my mistake, and with my back to Ryan I mouthed to Natalya, "I'M SORRY!"
I'm so happy I didn't ruin the surprise, despite my best efforts!)

During the day I was amazed at how much I take running water for granted! Even the smallest thing like washing my hands or rinsing off a spoon was made into a chore.
I'm just happy I had stockpiled jugs of water in case of a situation like this one.

Another downside was that I couldn't put temperate water in the bottles and buckets for the water gag tonight.
I filled them up with the hose in the horse stables, so the water was ice cold for the show!

We had a lot of friends at the performance tonight. Chris Allison, Ray Grins, Matthew Duncan, and Josh Edelman were all in the area for one of Chris' "Cirque Du Jour" teaching programs, and Mary Kelly Rayel and Doug Jones were also in NY for a different teaching gig.

After the show Chris, Mary Kelly, Ray, and Doug took me out to dinner, where we had a great time sharing stories and laughing.


Greg Michales said...

Another neat show you would like and so would Nico is "Illuminate". Its at New World Stages on 50th. I don't know if you can get discounted tickets or not but it is a cool show. Check it out if you can.

Steve Copeland said...

Thanks for the tip, Greg!


Don said...

Hey Steve,

Boy, does your account bring back memories. It seems like every year that we were in NYC with Big Apple Circus there was a super cold snap where all of the water froze and, as you say, you suddenly realize all of the things that you take for granted. On those days we used to meet everyone on the show in the big top in front of the spot where the heaters blew in warm air. We all carried our frozen water hoses in there to thaw them out in hopes of having water again. Love the blog. Thanks for taking the time to keep us up to date.

All the best,

Don Covington

Steve Copeland said...

My pleasure, Don!