Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wednesday, October 29 & Thursday, October 30: Queens NY

10/29/14- Day Off!

This morning Josh and I went to Times Square to enter our names in the lottery to win cheap tickets for "Aladdin".
After losing several times in the pursuit of "Book of Mormon" tickets, I wasn't expecting anything.
Boy were we surprised when the first name drawn out of the barrel was Josh's!

After getting our two $30 tickets (the cheapest ticket for "Aladdin" that you can buy normally is over $100) we met up with JKK (the ringmaster formerly know as Eggroll) to have lunch.
Once we were finished eating, he headed over to see the play, "Love Letters", starring Carol Burnett, and Josh and I went to the New Amsterdam Theatre to see our show.

Our seats for "Aladdin" were in a box on the left side of the stage. Unfortunately there were speakers that blocked our view of anything happening on that side, but we did have the unique perspective to see performers making quick changes in the wings, and how some of the illusions and stage effects were done.

I really enjoyed the show. The musical number, "Friend Like Me", sung by the incredibly talented actor who played Genie, was a true show stopper.
It was also neat to see Jonathan Freeman play the role of Jafar since he is the actor who voiced the character in the classic Disney animated film.

After "Aladdin" Josh and I did some walking and exploring until it was time to see our second Broadway musical of the day, "Matilda".
I had never read the book or seen the movie, so I didn't really know what I was going to see.
The show took awhile to grow on me, and then I really began to enjoy it.
The staging of the production and the choreography both deserve to be mentioned. I was also happy to see one of my favorite actors from "Shrek The Musical" in a lead role as the headmaster of the school Matilda attends.

I was so glad that Josh and I were able to go see two entertaining Broadway shows on my day off. It was like jumping in a time machine and going back ten years to when we were both in NYC with Ringling doing the exact same thing with our free time.

10/30/14- Day Off!

Besides having lunch close to the lot with Josh, Ryan, and his family, I had a fairly low key afternoon.

Around 4:00 p.m. a small group of us got on the subway and journeyed to Lincoln Center to see the new Big Apple Circus production, "Metamorphosis".
Many thanks to the Big Apple Circus for inviting a big group of folks from Vazquez to see their show on our night off.

I really enjoyed this year's production. I haven't seen Big Apple in almost two years, so I was excited to be back in their beautiful tent.

After the performance many of us went out to the reception tent to visit with our friends on the show. In addition to our group from Vazquez I was happy to see some of my NYC clown friends in the audience as well.

With Francesco and John Kennedy Kane 

Once our group parted to go their separate ways, I joined my friends Lisa, Josh, and Joy for some artery clogging goodness at BarBacon, a bar that serves alcohol and bacon!
We were joined by Big Apple ringmaster, JKK, and West Hyler, who directed "Metamorphosis" and the last BAC show I saw, "Legendarium". 

I was impressed at the variety of bacon flavors BarBacon had to offer. A few of us ordered "The Tasting", which came with five different types of bacon, with flavors such as black pepper, apple smoked, and jalapeƱo. 

After talking, eating bacon, and talking about eating bacon, I took the subway back to the lot in Queens.
Even though it was after midnight Ryan and I loaded our props into the tent, just so we wouldn't have to worry about it before our opening night shows.

This is actually the first time all tour that the tent has been ready a day before our opening night. In every other city the crew is scrambling to finish setting up before the first performance; I'm sure they enjoyed the change of pace even more than Ryan and I did!

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