Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thursday, December 4 & Friday, December 5: Queens, NY

12/4/14- 7:30 p.m.

This morning Jessi went to see the Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center with her theatre friend from Boston named Eric.
I stayed behind at the trailer and worked on a project for Sunday. I compiled many of our motivational speeches into a book that I am calling "3 Show Sundays: A Year of Inspiration".
I spent all morning transcribing eighteen of the speeches onto my computer. It was nice to get that done; I've been stressing out about it for awhile now.
My plan is to give the books to the usual gang of suspects that gather for the speech on Sunday before the final performance.

Around 1:00 p.m. I headed into Manhattan to meet my friends for lunch. I joined Eggroll, Jessi, Eric, Helen, and Govian for sushi, and then after a brief detour so Eggroll could show us the soup stand from the famous "Soup Nazi" episode of "Seinfeld", we all headed to the Lincoln Center Library.
There was an excellent exhibit there on "Sesame Street". It had loads of information, video clips, scripts, concept art, and even actual Muppets on display!

We also found out that there was a Broadway exhibit on the lower level of the library featuring panoramic photographs of theaters and Broadway costume and prop shops.
The pictures were neat, but my favorite part was seeing some costume pieces from musicals like "Wicked" and "Kinky Boots" on display.

Back at the lot I stopped by the office to pick up mail. Our clown friend, Tony Chino, had sent us a thoughtful holiday gift box containing chocolate covered apples. Thank you, Tony!

Maxine House, past president of the Circus Fans of America, her husband, JP, and Paul Gutheil all came to see the show tonight.
Paul brought us a thick stack of photos that he took of us last year on Kelly Miller; Ryan and I had a lot of fun going through them during the show.

Also in the crowd was Al Calienes with several of his co-workers from the National Circus Project: Justin, Lou, Brittany, Liam, and Natalie.

The show's generator shut off right at the end of Carmelo's act, but he finished his routine while being illuminated by the emergency lighting and crew flashlights.
When Carmelo finished, the show stopped for a minute until the power was regained.

I wasn't too surprised when when the power shut off again at the end of Trio Bellissimo's act, just as Ryan and I were about to begin the vacuum gag.
Luckily Ryan and I have tons of material in our back pocket if we ever need to stall, so covering the  outage in the dim lighting was not an issue. I only wish I knew more Spanish, because most of the things I was yelling to the audience were probably not comprehended.
Once the lights came on we saw that the trapeze net was almost ready, so we went into the ring and began the vacuum gag proper.
About halfway through the gag, the music and sound effects turned back on, and we cut a little bit of material to get to the blow off since we had already been on stage for far too long.

Never a dull moment when there are friends in the audience!

12/5/14- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

This afternoon Jessi and I went to Flushing to do some shopping. My main acquisition was some new shoes; my tennis shoes that I picked up in Donna were falling apart on my feet!
I picked up a pair for casual wear, plus a slightly more formal pair.


We had good shows today; it was the first time since our day off that there weren't any major screw ups!

Two days of the tour left!

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