Sunday, March 8, 2015

Friday, March 06: Laredo, TX- Opening Night!- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

This morning I went out to run errands in preparation for the opening night of the 2015 edition of Circo Hermanos Vazquez West.

When I got back to the lot, Ryan and I assembled our new headdresses for the pre-Intermission announcement. Last year we simply wore headbands to hold feather dusters in place in an imitation of the dancers' plumage.
This year we've gone high tech! We duct taped the feather dusters to plungers, and then we attached elastic straps to the plungers to hold them on our heads.
We spare no expense with our costumes and props!

Here is the running order for this year's show:

1- Opening
2- Hula Hoops- Alexa Vazquez
3- Turbillion (Aerial Motorcycle)- Visan and Zheni Espana
4- Dogs- The Pompeyo Family
5- Water Gag- Steve & Ryan
6- Dance
7- Foot Juggling- Claudie Bremlov
8- Carpenter Gag- Steve & Ryan
9- Horses- Klaus Dieter or Jose Alberto Vazquez


10- Russian Swing- The Espana Family
11- Aerial Comedy- Carmelo
12- Dance
13- Juggling- Jose Alberto Vazquez
14- Vacuum Gag- Steve & Ryan
15- Aerial Straps- Duo Exxtrem
16- Finale

We had a fantastic audience for the first show. They were so loud and enthusiastic, and they loved us. We couldn't have asked for a better start to the season.

Between shows Memo talked with us to apologize about the band not being ready to play our music, and he explained to us why they were not prepared when they arrived.
We appreciated him taking the time to talk to us about it, and we learned some extra steps that we could have taken that would have prevented the mix up.
We also got to meet the Vazquez brothers' father. I had seen him in the audience many times last year, but we were never given a formal introduction.

During the second performance Ryan and I began to figure out our timing backstage during the show.
We have no time in the first half once the water gag begins, because as soon as it is finished we only have the duration of a short dance number and Claudie's act to change out of our wet costumes, put on our carpenter gag outfits, and get all the props set for the gag.
It is a tight change, so if Claudie ever has to cut her act short, we're screwed!

During Intermission we have plenty of time to reset our props, and during the second Intermission we were even able to clean the water mat backstage in the space where the Russian Swing had been sitting.

After each show Ryan and I took a photo with our biggest fan, Franco Vazquez, Aldo's son.

After work, a lot of folks from the show were going to a nightclub called Hal's Landing that is close to the lot.
I didn't plan to stay long; I was simply going to eat something, have a drink, say hello, and then head to bed.

I walked over to the club and saw that the line waiting to get in was stretched outside the door.
Since I hadn't eaten since before the first show, I decided to go find some food instead.

That's how I ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings, the same place where I celebrated the opening of our season last year.
The main difference from last year's opening night is that the rehearsal period and first shows went so much better than they did for us in 2014, and I wasn't completely beaten down as I sat and ate my wings. 

Here's to a great season! 

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