Sunday, March 22, 2015

Friday, March 20: Corpus Christi, TX- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

After two hours of sleep I woke up at 3:30 a.m. to get ready for our early morning television publicity.

We were working with the same station as yesterday, but a new reporter: my crush of the week, Heather.

Ryan and I broke out our coffee walkarounds for the first time this morning. Ryan started making the props two years ago, but they went unfinished until this winter.
Unfortunately I only have this picture of the gag before the blow off:

This is what the aftermath looks like:

During one of the hits Alexa tried to break my hand:


As you can see, it was an eventful publicity.

Midway through the shoot, Bronson, who is in charge of the Vazquez PR team, asked us to accompany Alexa on a last minute radio publicity.
He told us that normally they wouldn't throw a last minute event at us like that, but this is Vazquez's first time in Corpus in a long time, and they really want us to get the word out.

Ryan and I managed to unload our props and move them backstage, and then shower and get out of make up before we had to leave for the new publicity.

Alexa, Ryan and I did interviews at two stations in the same building, one right after the other. It was quick and easy, especially since they were English speaking DJs (our two television publicities in this town have also been in English).
I'm loving the chance to do PR in my native tongue once again as Vazquez expands their presence by marketing to Gringos as well. 

After completing our second publicity of the day, Alexa treated us to a well earned breakfast.
Back at the lot I crawled into bed and crashed for a few hours.

When I awoke I walked to a nearby barbecue restaurant where I had a delicious lunch. 
After gorging myself on good Southern cooking I took all of my costumes over to the men's dressing room, and then I cleaned off a few of our props with baby wipes.

Before the first show the cast had a quick finale rehearsal to make everyone aware of the giant water tank that has finally been implemented into Duo Exxtrem's act. 
After their act it goes into the curtain area, so we just have to be careful as we enter and exit the ring.

We had great crowds for the shows tonight, especially the first performance. Everyone was a little thrown off because there were a lot of audience members that didn't speak Spanish, even some of the Latin Americans in the crowd!

Marcos, our Ringmaster, gave his announcements in English and Spanish, which was strange to hear after a season of only hearing Espanol spoken in the ring.
Ryan and I adapted and used more English in our interactions with the crowd as well.

Like I mentioned earlier, Duo Exxtrem was finally able to use the water tank in their strap act, which meant that more things were being set in the ring while Ryan and I were in the seats for the beginning of the vacuum gag.

Now when we enter the ring for the gag's blow off, there is a giant ring mat for the water, as well as metal tracks leading almost all the way to the front of the ring so that the water tank can be easily pushed in.

The tracks were not an issue for us, as we knew they would be there. The mat was a surprise, especially in the second show when it was still wet from the first performance.
Ryan and I were slipping and sliding everywhere as we tried to work.

We were pretty upset about the situation, but Eddie assured us that the ring crew would be cleaning the mat every show from now on.


circusbly said...

I'm glad you had a free breakfast and great lunch to celebrate my birthday on the 20th! Also enjoying the blog as usual. Really missed it in the middle of the winter. It is my lunch eating reading!

Steve Copeland said...

Happy Belated Birthday!