Monday, March 30, 2015

Friday, March 27 & Saturday, March 28: Arlington, TX

3/27/15- "6:00" and "9:00" p.m.

Ryan and I went out to run errands this morning, but I completely forgot that I had planned to do laundry before our first shows in Arlington.
I guess I know what I'll be doing on Monday!

Loading our props into backstage was a bit of a pain this town. It is a straight shot to the tent from my house, but because of curbs, semis, and tent stakes, there is not enough room to get our big props where they needed to go.
We had to take a long, convoluted path to get to the backstage tent, and at one point the animal crew guys were washing horses and blocking our only path, so we had to leave the carpenter box outside by the horse tent for awhile.

Apparently the inspector here in Arlington was very strict. He showed up in the morning and then spent all day finding more and more ridiculous things that the circus needed to fix before he would sign the permit allowing us to work.
I completely understand the necessity for inspectors to ensure the safety of the public, but the things he was demanding were pretty ridiculous.
For example, he felt that the handrails on the bleachers were not long enough, so Martin had to quickly find any extra metal he could and weld the pieces onto the handrails as extensions.
He also felt the tent's sidewall was not high enough, so the crew had to go around and stack numerous blocks of wood under each side pole.
Boy did I feel safer!

This foolishness went on up until and well past the first showtime, leaving the audience standing in line outside.
Finally we were allowed to work at 7:30 p.m., an hour and a half after our scheduled start time.

I was really worried that the audience would be angry at us, but luckily they enjoyed the show, particularly our gags.

Ryan and I were making ourselves laugh backstage after the carpenter gag. We imagined the overzealous inspector charging into the ring while we were working and yelling, "I have an injunction to shut down the Miracle Construction Company! They have violated far too many safety regulations to count, and I cannot allow them to remain in business!"

Eddie, our production manager kept the first show moving along. The Intermission was very brief, and we only had a fifteen minute break between performances to get the first audience out and the second crowd in.

We started the second show only half an hour late, which is pretty great when you consider how late we started the first.

After work Ryan and I went out to eat with Ryan's uncle Mike, who lives in the area and came to watch us work tonight.

3/28/15- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

This afternoon Ryan, his uncle Mike, and I went to have lunch at the dim sum restaurant that we visited a couple of days ago.
Today the wait staff were wheeling around carts with all of the different dim sum plates on them, and being an American, I was most pleased with this form of instant gratification.

Ryan's uncle Mike and I both enjoy video games, and since there was a GameStop near the dim sum restaurant, it was a given that we would stop in to browse after eating.
Ryan pointed out to me that one of the guys working behind the counter looked familiar, and we soon realized he was one of the three non-Latinos that was in the audience for the 9:00 p.m. show last night.
I asked him if he had been at the circus, and then we told him that we were the two clowns. His friend is friends with Hannah, one of our dancers, which is why they were at the circus. He said that all three of them loved the show and were very impressed with the level of quality.

We had good crowds today, particularly for the second show; the audience was fantastic!
The one downside was that some of the kids in the second crowd were acting crazy. It seemed like everywhere I turned I had kids trying to punch me or hit me with their light up swords.
I theorized that there might be a full moon making them act all primal, but a quick look outside the tent proved me wrong.
I guess Arlington chilluns just be plain cray cray!

After work Ryan and I stayed up late doing budgeting work, heedless of our imminent three show day.


Greg Michales said...

As a contractor I have run into good inspectors and some bad ones sounds like you guys got a winner. You might want to include an inspector character in the carpenter gag have him giving you a Ryan a hard time and have him end up in the box at the end instead of Ryan. Hope you guys have a good run there.

Steve Copeland said...


I'm sure Ryan would love the idea of giving someone else the bit of falling through the box!

Things have been going great since the hassle on opening night.