Friday, March 6, 2015

March 4 & 5: The Finishing Touches

On Wednesday the 4th we had a run through of the show that lasted about four hours. The first half went well enough, but then there were a lot of technical snags in the second half, which has the two new acts this year: Jose Alberto Vazquez's juggling, and Duo Exxtrem, comprising of Mecho from Bulgaria, and Mira from Hungary. They perform an aerial strap display, but they also utilize a giant tank of water.

I kept hurting myself throughout the course of the run through. During the opening of the vacuum gag, my leg fell into the open space between the floor and the steps in the seating area. I was grimacing in pain for the majority of the gag, and when I checked backstage I saw that my leg was all scraped up.
Later, while I was unlocking the brakes on the carpenter box, I really had to work to get the brake free, and I ended up scraping my hand on the piece of metal.
I hope this is not an indicator of my well being for this season. Two days until opening and I'm already black and blue and bleeding!

On Thursday the 5th we had another show run though starting at noon. This one only lasted only three hours; we're almost there!

During the course of the day Ryan and I moved our costumes and accessories into the men's dressing room.
I like the set up this year: the dressing rooms are semi trailers with clothes racks along one wall, and tables and chairs along the other.
There are air conditioners on either end, and we were given a high powered propane heater since it has been mighty chilly (for Laredo) the past several days.

At 5:00 p.m. the local UNIVISION station broadcast their news program live from the circus. Ryan and I took up our expected post, bothering the anchors and weather lady.
I don't enjoy doing weather hits because you never know whether you are on the screen, or whether they are showing the 5 Day Forecast.
Because of that a lot of good material goes unseen to the viewing audience.

After a successful publicity there was a full dress rehearsal starting at 7:00 p.m.
We have a tight show this year; it clocked in at under two hours, which is great.

Everything went well for us; we just need to clean up the vacuum gag (no pun intended). We made a lot of changes to the routine, and now we just need hundreds of shows to get everything tight, like our other two acts.

Duo Exxtrem couldn't fully perform their act because their water tank has a leak caused by the new way the tank has to be moved into the tent.
It is quite an operation: the already huge tank weighs so much when it is full of water, and it has to be pushed into the ring on a track, like a giant aqua train.
Hopefully everything will be worked out soon, because Mecho and Mira have a fantastic act.

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