Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Monday, March 9: Laredo, TX- 7:30 p.m.

Today I visited the laundromat, and I also attempted to find an electric heater, since mine started crapping out on me a couple of days ago.
Unfortunately they are no longer in stock in Walmart; I could only find an aisle of fans. Those aren't going to help warm up my trailer in the morning!

The sun finally came out today, and the crew did their best to smooth out the muddy walkway to the tent with the circus' Bobcat.

Before the show we had a quick rehearsal for the introduction to Intermission. The way we were doing it was that the dancers would all leave with Marcos Valdes, our Ringmaster, unbeknownst to me and Ryan. We'd stand with our elbows extended, waiting for the dancers to link arms with us, and then we'd turn around, realize what had happened, and run into the curtain with everybody.

Now we are still going to do our bit, but Eddie wanted two of the dancers to take pity on the poor clowns and come back to walk out arm and arm with us.
I pitched to Sammie, the dancer walking with me, the idea of me jumping on her shoulders for a piggyback ride out of the ring, but she wasn't too crazy about it.

There was a good audience turnout for a Monday night show.

Ryan and I hit a snag in the vacuum gag tonight. Marcos ordered us to "limpiar la pista" (clean the ring), and when we went to pick up our prop pizza to clean off (we confuse the word pista for pizza), we found out that it wasn't where Ryan had put it.
We quickly abandoned the bit and ran into the ring to finish the gag.

After the show we had a few people helping us look for the missing pizza, and finally we found out that someone had looked for it under the seats during Duo Exxtrem's act and found it there.
After talking with one of the ushers, we found out that someone in the audience picked it up and threw it under the bleachers while we were working. They must have been a fan of ours....

After the show we got some troubling news from Eddie, who let us know that water from our first gag was coming off the ring mat and causing people to slip on the wet carpet in the Russian Swing act.
Ryan and I specifically got a smaller ring mat this year because we knew we wouldn't have as much space backstage to clean it.

Ryan, Eddie, Adriano (the stage boss), and I all put our heads together, and it was decided that when the prop guys throw buckets of water on us was when the most water was going onto the carpet.
I am going to start putting less water in the buckets, and hopefully that will solve the problem.

Luckily there was a silver lining to the cloudy end of the show: it was our first pay day! Whoo hoo!

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