Sunday, March 15, 2015

Thursday, March 12 & Friday, March 13: Laredo, TX

3/12/15- 7:30 p.m.

Ryan and I had a 6:00 a.m. radio publicity this morning. The Big Bad Morning Show was broadcasting live from the circus' concessions tent, and Ryan and I did several hits over two hours with the host, Sammy the House.

Ryan and I were thrilled that we got to do the interview in English; it was the first radio PR like that since we started with Circo Hermanos Vazquez last year.
Sammy was so much fun to talk to on and off the air, and his crew was so nice. They even brought us coffee and breakfast tacos, which made them heroes in our book.

Here are the links to our segments, if you'd like to hear them. (I highly recommend Part 4, where Ryan and I attempt to beat box and end up showing just how white we are)

Anyone still here? Great!

Ryan and I were extremely dismayed a little later in the morning when we got a panicked phone call from Luis, our sound guy.
Last night the Instant Replay machine on the East Unit crashed right before showtime, erasing all of the sound effects and pre-recorded announcements.
Luis checked ours (which is the same model) this morning, and the same thing had happened. Every single one of our sound effects was erased.

I placed a frantic phone call to 360 Systems, the manufacturer of the Instant Replay 2, and I was disheartened to find out that there was nothing we could do. The technician I spoke with said that it sounded like our hard drive had crashed, and our only option was to send it in for repairs.

I called them again after relaying the news to Ryan, and I got a much better diagnosis. This time the technician I spoke with told me that I could go to any computer repair shop and have them replace the hard drive with a regular desktop computer hard drive.

I phoned the nearest Best Buy to talk to their Geek Squad, and then I raced over to take them our machine.

The staff at Best Buy weren't too certain they would have the right kind of hard drive since they had never dealt with a sampler before. They weren't even sure if they were going to be able to get to the hard drive because of the special tools needed to open the machine.
Luckily we finally caught a break, and they were able to replace the hard drive in about an hour, and at a reasonable price.

I asked if they could salvage anything from our old hard drive, but after trying they told me that it was completely wiped out.

I got back to the lot around 2:30 p.m., and for the next four hours Ryan and I worked nonstop to recreate as many of our sound effects as possible and get them loaded onto the Instant Replay.
In those four hours we were only able to finish the sounds for the carpenter gag. If Ryan didn't have a few of them saved to his computer from last month, we wouldn't have made it in time for the show.
It took so long just to create one sound; damn our perfectionistic tastes!

At least now we have learned our lesson, and we are saving every sound onto Ryan's computer in case, God forbid, this ever happens again.

On top of all the other headaches today, as I was getting ready for the show, I discovered a new leak in my roof that had allowed water to run into a cabinet over my bed, where several of my books got soaked.
The hits just keep on coming, folks!

We only had sound effects tonight for the carpenter gag, but Luis did the best he could to use some of those sounds for the water and vacuum gags as well. (Luis is amazing)
It was nice to see in those acts that we don't need sound effects to get laughs, but they definitely enhance some bits greatly.

After the show Ryan and I were up until 1:00 a.m. creating the sound effects for the water gag.

After running around all day since 5:30 a.m., Ryan and I were both extremely grateful to get to go to sleep and put this troublesome day behind us.

3/13/15- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

This afternoon Ryan and I created the vacuum gag sound effects and completed our work restocking the Instant Replay.
A lot of the sound effects are not the same ones that we had when we started the season, but for now they are fine.
We'll go through again sometime soon and change the ones that we don't like. For now, I don't want to have to deal with another sound effect for at least a week.

I really wasn't feeling it when we started our shows tonight, but as soon as I began performing, I got into the swing of things.

The crowds weren't as big tonight as they have been the rest of this week, but the people were still really enjoying themselves, which is all that matters to me.

After work there was a big birthday barbecue for Dominik, who is married to Claudie, the foot juggler.
The food that Dominik and Martin prepared was so delicious. Everyone made sandwiches with the meat from the grill, and then we had different toppings to add, such as onions and peppers, Martin's delicious guacamole, and Dominik's delicious cheesy garlic spread.

Over the course of the evening I got to practice my English with the dancers, and Ryan and I brushed up on our Hungarian talking to Mira, who is half of Duo Exxtrem.
Ryan and I learned many words and songs in Hungarian when we worked with Ringling, but after 10 years, our usage is a little rusty.
I couldn't tell if Mira was laughing at the fact that we knew such random things to say in her language, or if it was because we were mangling it so horribly.

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