Friday, March 13, 2015

Wednesday, March 11: Laredo, TX- 7:30 p.m.

Today for lunch I visited the Laredo Pizza Company, another recommendation from the generous, anonymous commentator on my blog.
The Laredo Pizza Co. had a wide variety of speciality pizzas, and my selection was reasonably priced and very tasty. 
I also enjoyed the decor; there was artwork of superheroes all over the walls, and even on the ceiling tiles.

After lunch I attempted to find propane, but after a long drive the one place I visited told me that they don’t do bottle refills anymore.
They directed me to a company on the other side of the city, but I decided to wait until I can visit a Flying J on our jump since it isn’t an emergency.

Late in the afternoon the local UNIVISION station once again broadcast their news program live from the circus ring.
Ryan and I broke out our “Sparkplug” prop, which we haven’t used since the 2011 Kelly Miller season.
“Sparkplug” is a classic clown bit called a bend-over (easy, everyone). I wear a belt with a horse head attached to the back, and when Ryan throws a cloth in front of me, I bend over and cover myself with a blanket that I am holding around my shoulders.
When I am bent over, it appears that I have turned into a horse. My butt becomes the horse’s head, and my head becomes the horse’s butt. That sounds about right!

No one on the show had seen us do the gag before, so apparently we amazed everyone. Alexa’s dad, Pepe, kept hearing about the “magic” that Ryan and I had performed on television.
I never knew we were such talented clown wizards!

In addition to performing “Sparkplug”, Ryan and I also harassed the anchors. Before we went live, I mentioned something to Ryan about the composition of the camera’s shot, and the male anchor said, “You are right! For once in your life.”
Never one to miss a showboating opportunity, I immediately broke into the song, “For Once In My Life” in the style of Michael Buble.
This impressed the anchor, because during our segment he asked me to sing like Frank Sinatra again. Ok, maybe my rendition wasn’t as good as I thought it was!

We had almost a full house for the show tonight.

During the water gag, when Ryan pretends to throw a bucket of water on the audience, one woman in the front row recoiled in horror and held her infant up in front of her face to protect herself.
Pretending to throw water on people teaches you a lot about the public’s true nature.

After the show a family came up to get a picture with us. While we were autographing their photo card, the parents told us that two years ago their child had gotten a picture and an autographed coloring book from us at Kelly Miller.

How cool to be remembered, and to get to be a special memory of someone’s life more than once!


Anonymous said...

Glad you weren't dressed up as a donkey or else you would have made a real a$& of yourself.

Steve Copeland said...

Trust me, I don't need a donkey costume for that!