Saturday, March 21, 2015

Wednesday, March 18 & Thursday, March 19: Corpus Christi, TX

3/18/15- Day Off!

I had a fairly low key day off.
I started off by going to Bank of America to deposit my paycheck, but it took a lot longer than I anticipated since they won't let me cash a check over a certain dollar amount until I have had my account with them for at least three months.
I was pretty hot about the situation since that went against what I had been told when I opened the account, but once I was able to talk to an employee and have my questions answered, I felt a lot better.

Money in hand, I rushed to the first Half Price Books of the season to spend what was already burning a hole in my pocket.

The only other exciting thing that happened today was that Ryan and I spent a few hours in the evening writing new material.
We didn't finish, but we at least laid the foundation for a good base that we can now build on and refine.

3/19/15- "Day Off"

This morning I went to a nearby laundromat. One of the owners noticed that I was wearing my Kelly Miller 2013 tour shirt, and he asked if I was with the circus. I replied that I was, and throughout the washing and drying process he and his partner asked me questions about working for a circus.

One of the owners kept returning to his dream of running away from it all and managing a freak show. He told me that he'd travel the world and visit all the strip clubs that he could.
It's good to have goals.

This afternoon I went over to the Brewster Street Ice House for lunch. I had a delicious blackened catfish poboy, and some of their excellent peach cobbler for dessert.

In the afternoon Ryan, Jose Alberto, Alexa, and I had a television publicity. It was an English speaking station, which Ryan and I were excited about.
We were less excited when Alexa came over to warn us that the reporter was very adamant about us not playing around or messing with him.
Ryan and I clamped our tongues firmly between our teeth and went over to meet the reporter. He was nice enough, but he made his position clear.
"This is a serious, respectable program," he told the two grown men wearing make up, false noses, and wigs, "and my bosses wouldn't appreciate you poking me or putting a clown nose on me."
Well, there goes one of our best bits! We just love poking people!
He's sorely mistaken about the clown nose thing; he's not getting one of ours. Those things are expensive!

We gave him what he wanted, and while it wasn't our most entertaining interview, we got the information across. South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

(I'd just like to point out that the station forgot to list the Sunday 2:00 p.m. show and the Monday 7:30 p.m. show. Maybe they should have been less worried about us poking people and checked their facts.)

In the evening I walked around downtown looking for a place to eat. My first restaurant choice had a concert going on, so it was too loud and crowded for my tastes. I wasn't impressed with the menu at the second place I tried.
But the third restaurant, it was just right!
I found a seafood restaurant with a sushi bar. They have an excellent brunch menu, so if I can get out of bed on Sunday morning, I'd like to spend my morning there.

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