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Wednesday, April 8- Saturday, April 11: San Antonio, TX

4/8/15- Day Off!

Nestor started parking all of the trailers this morning, and Ryan and I were parked around noon. He waited until the end to park us so we could go in front. Since we are always some of the first people to leave on travel days, he didn't want us blocked in like we were in Arlington.
I was fine with the idea, especially since we have a big jump to Phoenix, our next city, coming up.

After setting up my house, I went to Spec's, a liquor and fine food store, to pick up a couple of birthday presents for tonight's party.
At this lot we are fairly far from most things, so it took me awhile to go there and come back. San Antonio's confusing Interstate system didn't help matters either.

Back at the lot I saw that the electrical boxes had been set up so we could plug into power, but all of the 50 amp outlets were already taken.
I went to Nestor with my problem, and he told the head electrician, who was nice enough to get me an adaptor so I could plug into a 30 amp outlet.

Starting this afternoon there was a birthday barbecue for Martin, patriarch of the Espana family, and Bernadett, who is the wife of Mecho from Duo Exxtrem.

Martin made his excellent guacamole and also manned the grill. It was nice to sit outside, relax, and enjoy the food and company.
I also liked the fact that the party was right outside my door, so I didn't have far to go when I was ready to call it a night.

4/9/15- "Day Off"

Ryan and I were up early this morning for a 8 a.m. television interview with TV Azteca. We were originally slated to have a 10 a.m. publicity with UNIVISION, but Eddie told us about this new one last night at the party. Lucky us!

The station showed up late, of course, but when they did arrive they were very nice. The tent was not fully set up yet, so we filmed the two segments outside in front of the ticket office.

Once we were finished Ryan and I headed back to our trailers to take a short break before our next interview, which Alexa and Lidia told us was at 11:00 a.m., not 10:00, like we had originally thought.

Ryan and I went back to the ticket office at 10:45 a.m., and then we proceeded to sit for two hours in the sun, waiting for the UNIVISION station to arrive.

While we waited, Lidia was nice enough to go over to the Freddy's Steakburgers establishment right next to the trailers to get us some lunch.

I also found ways to amuse myself....

3 Boobs

Alexa kept calling the station, and at first they didn't answer, but then they kept saying they were caught in traffic.
You'd think they'd know enough to account for traffic if they work in a major city. Also, they started sending those messages long after they should have left to begin filming at 11:00 a.m.

Finally Alexa and Lidia told us to go get cleaned up, and by then, half of our day was gone.
Apparently just after we left to take off our make up, the station showed up, so Alexa did the interview by herself.

After my shower I went to the HEB supermarket near the lot. While I was shopping I came across a DVD kiosk with TVs that were showing a clip from the horror movie, "IT", on a loop.
They were constantly running the scene where the monster, at this point in the form of a clown, kills a little boy from a sewer drain.
Little kids going by in strollers were yelling out to their parents, "Stop! Stop! We want to watch the clown!"

I really am not sure why the movie "IT" was being shown in a supermarket since: 
A) It came out 25 years ago 
B) It isn't remotely close to Halloween
3) It's a terrible movie that was never scary to begin with. (And to all you chuckleheads that claim "IT" is what made you afraid of clowns, don't forget that the monster also turns into a werewolf, a skeleton, an old lady, and a giant spider. And at the end you find out his true form is a giant beam of light. Why aren't more people afraid of giant beams of light?!)

In the evening I joined Ryan and his family on a trip to Cibolo, TX to visit the house of our friends, the Hogue family.
Steve and Sandra, who were both clowns with Ringling's Red Unit back in the late 90s, and their five children welcomed us into their beautiful home to have dinner and a nice evening away from the circus.

We had a cookout, and Steve and Sandra were also nice enough to let me use their laundry machines, saving me a boring trip tomorrow.

Steve pulled out his photo albums from Clown College and his year on the road, which I absolutely loved looking through.

Thank you so much to the Hogue family for a lovely evening. I'm so glad we got to spend more time getting to know them and their wonderful family.

4/10/15- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

It was a royal pain in the butt moving the props from our trailers to backstage in this town. The trailers are parked across the road from the tent, and we are also on the front side of the big top.
We chose not to take the props around the side of the tent closer to us because the path to backstage was incredibly muddy, especially since it was drizzling rain all morning.
Instead we opted on taking the props the long way around the tent, which was much drier, but to go that way we had to wheel everything over a rock path, which was not easy.

Mecho did help us out with a good tactic to get our heaviest prop across the stones. He took one of our ratchet straps that we use to keep hand props inside the carpenter box, and he looped it under the wheels so that he and Ryan could lift up on the box as they pulled it along.
God bless that resourceful Ukranian!

Ryan and I didn't bother to clean the dust off of most of our props (only the car), because as soon as we got everything situated backstage, the stage crew swept up the dried mud and sent dust flying everywhere.
That will be happening every show for the next 10 days.
I can't wait until we get on a cement lot again!

After our long, grueling task of getting our props loaded into the tent, Ryan was nice enough to make lunch for me and his family. He cooked okonomiyaki, which is a Japanese pancake made of flour, shredded cabbage, shrimp, and fish flakes topped with otafuku sauce.
Ryan learned how to make them when he lived and worked in Japan, and I thought mine was delicious!

We had a fantastic audience for our first show in San Antonio. Unfortunately the second crowd was not as with us; I place most of the blame on us. Ryan and I had a very off show, which was frustrating.
I was sad that we had a bad end to what had started out as a great night.

4/11/15- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

Today was another rainy, dreary day, but luckily the weather cleared up by showtime.

We had a big crowd for the first show, and they were another fantastic audience.

To get to my trailer after the show, I have to walk through some of the public that is leaving the tent. One family stopped me to take a picture, but a little girl being held by her father was unsure of me.
The father tried consoling the girl by saying, "It's ok, don't be scared."
I added, "Yeah, I'm just a sweaty man in make up. Ok......maybe you should be a little scared."

The dryer that the show provided to Mecho and Mira so they can dry off their costumes after their strap/water tank act has been screeching like a thousand banshees lately.
Mecho and several of the other guys have all looked to see what the problem is, but no solution can be found.
Because of that, it is a bit maddening being in the men's dressing room while the dryer is running.

Tonight during the second show, Jose Alberto had had enough, and he let out a yell of frustration over the constant, piercing whine of the dryer.
I waited a second and then yelled out, "What?!"

What's the secret of comedy?

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