Thursday, April 23, 2015

Saturday, April 18 & Sunday, April 19: San Antonio, TX

4/18/15- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

There was a lot of traffic today because of Fiesta, an annual spring festival in San Antonio. I didn't learn about the event until later in the day, but I had been wondering why the streets were so crowded.

While I was running errands I got some blueprints printed out for a new prop we are designing. I told the girl working at Office Max's copy center that I wanted the print outs to be 2 ft x 3 ft.
I was floored when she asked me if I knew what that was in inches.
I'm guessing she wasn't valedictorian of her class...
I wish I would have been able to answer her without consulting my calculator.....

Also while I was out I picked up an adaptor that I can use in my truck to charge my laptop while I drive. I'm looking forward to the ability to listen to TV shows and movies on my computer during our upcoming long jump to Phoenix, AZ.

Last night I started getting a sore throat, so during tonight's shows I took it easy with my yelling and girly screams so as to not further strain my voice.

Since the lot in San Antonio is muddy, the stage crew has been laying down sawdust flakes backstage before the horses enter the tent.
Now when Ryan and I clean our water mat, the sawdust is sticking to the wet mat. Because of that we have to sweep off the mat as we fold it so that the flakes don't get on the ring carpet during the show.
I'm looking forward to being on cement next town!

4/19/15- 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00 p.m.

Today my cold had become even worse, so I tried to keep medicated and well rested during our long day.

It was hot and sunny out, which wasn't much fun in the tent, but at least it dried all the mud in the back yard.

The second show was an especially difficult hurdle to overcome today. The audience was just not into me and Ryan at all, and it really made performing while sick even more of a drag.

Mecho from Duo Exxtrem gave today's third show motivational speech. His topic was how three show days are not so bad, even if it is hot or we are tired. He said that it is all in our minds, and if we can overcome that, Sundays are a piece of cake.

I tried to apply that theory to the third performance, and it worked rather well. I think the fact that it had cooled down considerably in the tent since the second show helped considerably.

Load out wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be. Ryan and I took our props the shorter way around the tent because the mud on that side had dried out. We were also able to get everything onto a side street by the lot, which made wheeling the props over to our trailers much easier.

After loading up our props and getting our houses ready for travel, Ryan and I only had to wait a short time for the school trailer to be moved from in front of my house.
We were able to leave San Antonio shortly after midnight.

Our plan was to simply get out of downtown to avoid rush hour traffic in the morning. We stopped for the night at a Walmart about thirty miles outside of San Antonio.

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