Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Saturday, April 4 & Sunday, April 5: Arlington, TX

4/4/15- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

This morning I met our friend, Kelly, in the parking lot of a Walmart for a good ol' fashioned movie swap. I was giving back a few home movie VHS tapes that he gave me last week to convert to DVD, and he was giving me a Pierre Etaix DVD collection that I ordered and had shipped to his house.
The whole package trade off probably looked kinda shady to anyone paying enough attention; I was wondering why the police were tailing me for a few miles afterwards.....

I was glad I got to see Kelly one more time before we leave the area. He and his wife were going to come see our show this past Wednesday, but he has been laid low the whole week with kidney stones. Some people have all the fun!

I went to Irving, TX to meet Kelly, and near our rendezvous point was an Argentinean bakery that I have been to before with Ryan and Tatiana. I called them up to take their orders, and then I picked up some baked goods to take back with me.

We had great audiences for the shows tonight. There were even two circus performers, Fletcher Runyon and Shane Johnson, in the crowd for the first show.

After work I went over to Ryan's house to dye Easter eggs. Nico invited me and Julius Espana, who performs with his family in the Russian Swing act, to join in the fun.

We colored the traditional chicken eggs, as well as quail eggs that Ryan and Tatiana picked up from the local Asian market. Those looked awesome by the time we were finished with them!

After successfully dyeing the Easter eggs, we ate Chinese food. It was an East meets West kind of thing!

4/5/15- 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00 p.m.

This morning Emma, Hannah, Sammie, and Amy picked me up in the Dancer-mobile, aka Moulin Rouge, and we went to have breakfast at the French cafe, La Madeleine.
I was worried the place would be packed because of Easter Sunday, but there were not many customers at all.
It was really nice to have some company for my Sunday pre-show ritual.

Back at the lot I took over my Easter gifts for Nico and Abrianna. Nico essentially got a basket full of sugar (which Ryan and Tatiana were thrilled about, I'm sure), and Abrianna got a stuffed duck (I wanted to start her love of feathered fowl at a very early age).

Abrianna's first instinct when she felt the duck was to stick it in her mouth. As she tried to chow down on it, Ryan exclaimed, "She IS a Chinese baby!"

The shows today were a bit rough for us, especially the 2:00 p.m. performance. The biggest laugh we got in the water gag was when a man in the front row jumped up from his seat and ran when he thought Ryan was going to throw a bucket of water on him and his family.

I gave the motivational speech before the third show. For my Easter themed presentation, I made an appearance as that wascally wabbit, Stevie Cottontail.

I hopped around backstage and gave Easter candy goody bags to everyone who assembled for the speech.
I was a little worried because right before I changed into my clever disguise to dispense sweets, the dancers were all saying how sick they were from eating candy all day.
Luckily, as you can tell from all the happy faces, you can never have too much chocolate on Easter.

During the third show I was chatting with an usher while we was waiting to perform the water gag. She had seen me scouting the audience and asked what I was doing.
Me: "I'm looking for a bald guy whose head we can clean in the vacuum gag."
Usher: "Why are you looking? Don't the other clowns do that act?"
Me: "What other clowns?"
Usher: "You know, the guys with the wigs."
Me: "That's us......"
Usher: "Really? I thought there were two sets of clowns."

This really made me wonder how many audience members don't realize that Ryan and I are the same clown duo appearing in the first and second halves.

I was pretty down about the whole thing until a little boy walked by us before the vacuum gag (when we're wearing our wigs). He commented on how much he liked when we spit water on ourselves.
How funny that a five year old who has seen the show once can tell that we are the same clowns in all our acts, while an usher who has seen every show for two weeks cannot.

After work there was a taco party in the tent for the whole company. The delicious food was provided by our Arlington sponsor, Taqueria Saltillo. 

Muchas gracias, amigos!


Anonymous said...

I was 'shell' shocked about those decorated eggs. They were egg-cellent! They 'cracked' me up. but enough with the 'yolks'. gotta go, the chicks are waiting for me.

Steve Copeland said...

Very punny!
Must be JeffSchott!


Anonymous said...

Easter it's JeffSchott or... the Either Punny, huh?