Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thursday, April 16 & Friday, April 17: San Antonio, TX

4/16/15- 7:30 p.m.

Today I joined Ryan and his family on a trip to Sea World. Emma got discounted tickets for us through Groupon, and so we met her and Amy at the park when it opened at 10:00 a.m.
Between then and when we left around 4:30 p.m., we were able to see the whole park.

We saw almost all of the shows. There were two killer whale shows, a Cirque style beluga whale and dolphin show, and a pet show (I missed that one because I was buying a souvenir, and the staff wouldn't let me in the theater after the performance had begun).

Also, we rode the two major roller coasters, and Nico was able to play in the small waterpark in the kids area.
My favorite coaster was the Great White, which was a hang down coaster with lots of loops and corkscrews.

The other coster, The Steel Eel, was a sit down coaster with a lot of hills. The constant up and down motion left me weightless for the majority of the ride, and my stomach was done with thrill rides by the end of it.

My favorite part of the park was the flamingo pond where you could feed the ducks (Judging by my two favorite parts of San Antonio attractions, maybe it is time I buy some more ducks).
There were so many beautiful varieties of waterfowl that I had never seen before. These were my favorites:

(Number 2 and 6 were very close to being snuck out of the park under my shirt)

The weather was perfect for a day at the theme park. All week I was worried that it would rain all day, but as we got closer to our trip, the chance of rain kept decreasing.
It was overcast the whole day, which was wonderful. Usually at theme parks I get so drained from being in the sun the whole time, so I really welcomed the cloudy, cool weather.

Another plus was that the threat of rain must have scared most people off, because the park was not crowded at all. We walked onto both roller coasters, which was fantastic.

We all had such a fun day at Sea World, but by show time I was worn out. I kept cracking Ryan up during our performance because I was so loopy.

4/17/15- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

Our friend, Steve Hogue, came to visit us this afternoon. He treated me and Ryan's family to lunch at the Sea Island Shrimp House, which had fantastic food.
I had been wanting to check out the restaurant since we arrived because I read about it on the new Zagat app I downloaded on my phone.
I noticed a trend that a lot of the delicious, unique restaurants I enjoy visiting are all Zagat rated. Now with the app I can find all of the highest rated restaurants in my area.

Soon after we returned from lunch it began to storm. The rain made the circus' back yard soupy once more.

Raul Brindis, who is the host of an immensely popular radio show in the Houston area, was our special guest at the circus tonight, along with his hydrocephalic child mascot sidekick, Pepito.

Last year when the duo visited our show, Ryan and I made up a ridiculous backstory about how Pepito is my arch nemesis, so of course tonight I continued the faux rivalry, squinting my eyes in distrust and hatred every time I saw him onstage. 

Pepito wasn't the only child I had to worry about tonight. After each show almost every kid we dealt with was being a real brat. One was trying to spit on us every time we talked to her, one was giving me major lip and hit me when I turned my back on her, and one kept rolling his eyes every time we said anything to him.

Why am I a clown? For the respect!

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