Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tuesday, March 31 & Wednesday, April 1: Arlington, TX

3/31/15- 7:30 p.m.

Today I went to the fancy mall a few miles away from the lot to get a gift for Laura. Her birthday was last week, but she has been in England sorting out her visa and wasn't able to celebrate it with all of us.
Visan is throwing a party for her when she gets back on Friday, so I picked up a Teavana gift card to give her from me and Ryan. (Is it racist to assume that Laura loves tea simply because she is from England?)

While I was at the mall I ran into Chagy, who is a clown in the area. We hung out together last year when we were in Fort Worth, and I was very surprised to bump into him at the mall since he is always traveling around the world.
He told me that he is in fact leaving on Thursday for his next trip.

I had such a great day meandering around Arlington with no particular purpose in mind.
Besides my vacant minded wanderings, I also accomplished a couple of useful tasks. I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up velcro for the new blueprints we are making for the carpenter gag, and I also took my truck to get an overdue oil change.

Jim Royal, one of the owners of Kelly Miller, came to see our performance tonight. I was so happy that Jim got to see us work as he wasn't able to catch the show last year.
Now I just hope Mr. North can come see us once again, as the only time he saw us was our very first performance with Vazquez.
We've come a loooooooooong way since then!

Diego, an old friend of Fusco family who is on the crew of the Shrine Circus, also came to tonight's show with his girlfriend.

After work Ryan and I picked up pizzas and all of us visited in Ryan's house.

4/1/15- 7:30 p.m.

I got up this morning at 7:00 a.m. to get ready for our television publicity. Ryan, Alexa, Lidia, and I left the circus at 8:00, and because of rush hour traffic, it took almost an hour to get to the UNIVISION station located in downtown Dallas.

We got to the lobby of the station and waited for our contact person; she arrived only to tell us that we weren't scheduled to be on the air today.
Apparently Vazquez went through an outside PR company to set up this television appearance, and the company totally dropped the ball and didn't get the proper information to the station.
Either that or Alexa totally pulled off an excellent April Fool's Day prank against us.

Ryan and I were upset about the waste of our time and make up, but we weren't mad at Alexa and Lidia.
We simply told them that if they took us to a Panera Bread for breakfast, all would be forgiven and we wouldn't cause bodily harm to anyone.

A little later in the morning I received some bad news about my tax return which didn't help to improve my mood.

Finally in the evening there was a silver lining to the dark cloud that was my April Fool's Day.
I was happy that Ryan and I had friends visiting coming to see the show: Kyle Clay, who is a firefighter/clown in the Fort Worth area, came with his wife, Anna. Kyle did us a huge favor and brought us 18 slabs of styrofoam that we can use for making props.
Also visiting this evening was Mark Renfro, former Ringling clown and Clown College make up instructor, and Brenda Marshall, another clown in the Fort Worth area.

After the show I joined our friends for a bite to eat, and they were nice enough to buy my meal.
After my frustrating morning it was so great to unwind and laugh with clown friends.

Ryan and his family wanted to join us, but Abrianna was fussy after her recent vaccinations. On Ryan's behalf, I told Mark that just this past winter we discovered that it was him that taught Ryan to carve foam props.
Back in 1998 the Discovery Channel did a fantastic documentary on Ringling's Winter Quarters in which Mark talked about carving clown props out of foam and then coating them in liquid latex.

Ryan saw the special as an impressionable youth, and he owes his knowledge of prop making to Mark.
It's pretty cool that in our business we get to become friends with people that inspired us as kids.

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