Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wednesday, May 20 & Thursday, May 21: El Paso, TX

5/20/15- "Day Off"

All of the trailers were parked around 11:00 a.m. Once we were stationary, Ryan finished painting our new board for the carpenter gag.

At 5:00 p.m. Ryan, Jose Alberto, and I had a television publicity in front of the box office. While we were waiting to go live, we were entertained by the locals coming to buy tickets.
Many people were walking up to the ticket wagon and taking pictures with the photograph of Jose Alberto featured on the front, even though the real deal was standing mere feet away from them.
The whole tableau would have made an excellent photograph, but we were too busy laughing to capture the moment.

Once we were finished with our publicity we were able to plug our houses into electricity. Originally the power boxes were all the way over by the arena's back door, which made them way too far for any of the trailers to reach.
Luckily the arena had more power cables, so the boxes were moved closer to us all. I still didn't have enough cable for my plug to reach, but luckily Tatiana had an extra cable that she let me borrow. That was a great relief!

After getting cleaned up, Ryan and I loaded our props into backstage of the arena, and then I was picked up by my new friend, Matt Salgado.
Matt is a clown with the local Shrine Unit, and he is also heavily involved with bringing the Shrine Circus to El Paso every year.
He has been very excited about Vazquez coming to town, and he was nice enough to take me out to dinner to welcome me to El Paso.

We went to State Line, which is a BBQ restaurant directly on the New Mexico/Texas state line. The bar area is in New Mexico, and then you cross over into Texas when you walk into the dining area.
The food we had was so delicious, and I ended up eating way too much.

5/21/15- 7:30 p.m.

This morning I set out to do laundry and go grocery shopping, and in the process I discovered that for me, El Paso is a very confusing city in which to drive.

Around 3:00 p.m. Nestor drove me, Ryan, and Alexa to a radio station in the western part of El Paso where we popped in to do a quick interview with Victor, the DJ.

I guess Victor is afraid of rock and roll.

Shortly after getting back to the lot Ryan and I jumped right into a television PR. The UNIVISION station that came out yesterday returned to broadcast their whole program from the circus ring.

The different reporters were excited to work with me and Ryan after we were given a good review from the weatherman we worked with yesterday. They were willing to let us do whatever we wanted, making our job a piece of cake.

Anything like....ATTEMPTED MURDER!!!

We are performing in an arena in this town, and it was mighty strange; I haven't worked a circus in a building since the Hamid Shrine date I worked back in 2008.

There were chairs put on the floor closer to the ring, but the majority of the audience was sitting on the sides up in the stands.
Ryan and I tried to adjust our blocking accordingly as we went along.

During Intermission a building employee asked Ryan to ask the ladies if they needed to empty the trashcan in their dressing room.
Ryan called in and asked, and they replied, "No thank you, Ryan."
The building employee asked, "Wait, you're Ryan? From Steve & Ryan?"
When Ryan replied that he was, the employee told him that his wife loves watching our videos on Youtube.
What a small world!

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