Saturday, May 9, 2015

Wednesday, May 6 & Thursday, May 7: Mesa, AZ

5/6/15- Day Off!

This morning I visited Bosa Donuts, which claims to have the best donuts in Arizona. I don't know if I'd go that far, but they were very good!

In the afternoon I met the majority of the Taylor Family at Sugarlips Cakery, where we took advantage of the bakery's Happy Hour: all cupcakes for $1!
I picked up a few to take back to Ryan and his family, and I got one red velvet and one salted caramel cupcake for myself. Inexpensive and tasty!

In the evening I met Brian Foley for a night on the town. Brian is a clown who currently teaches at ASU in Tempe; the only time I'd met him was seven years ago, and it was very briefly.
I was glad we had more of a chance to get to know each other tonight.

We headed to an artsy district north of downtown Phoenix where we attempted to see a burlesque show. Unfortunately the bar that served as the show's venue was very small, and the performance space contained neither seats nor a stage.
It was a ton of people crammed into a small room while scantily clad women danced. Since Brian and I didn't feel like playing peeping tom sardines, we walked next door to Melt, a unique little ice cream parlor.
The nutella flavored ice cream that I ordered was served in a Chinese food take out container, and a fortune cookie was placed on top of the scoop.
Inventive and delicious!
(And for the record, I did consume more than just sugar today)

5/7/15- Day Off!

I was happy to fit in another visit with the Taylor family today. I went to their house and spent a couple of hours just talking and visiting with them.

After leaving the Taylor's house I headed over to the Four Peaks Brewing Co. in downtown Tempe to have dinner with my friend, Lisa.
Lisa lives in NYC, but she was in Phoenix for a few days working a lighting job. I was happy that I got to spend a couple of hours with her, watching an annoying drunk guy pester everyone at the bar.

Back at the circus a barbecue was going on, so Ryan asked me if on my way back I could pick up some meat to throw on the grill.

Ryan and I got all of our props moved into backstage before we headed over to the party, but soon after we had settled down to eat we got a call from Luis asking us for a CD of some of our music tracks.

Our circus band played their last show with us on Monday, so now all of the music will be played by Luis from the sound board.

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