Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tuesday, June 9-Thursday, June 11: Denver, CO

6/9/15- Travel Day to Denver, CO

After only getting a few hours of sleep, we woke up fairly early this morning and drove the final 360 miles to Denver.

We traveled across Wyoming and then headed directly south into Colorado. I was worried about mountains on the drive, but the only steep one was between Laramie and Cheyenne, and we only had to go up it, which is usually less scary than going down.

We got to the Denver Coliseum, which is where the tent will be set up through the 29th, around 5:00 p.m.
We used to play the Coliseum with Ringling, and back then I never would have thought that our faces would be on the marquee one day.

I walked around the area surrounding the Coliseum for a little bit, but I cut my exploring short as a thunderstorm began to develop.
I called it a fairly early night since I was worn out from driving and getting such little sleep last night.

6/10/15- Day Off!

This morning our trailers were parked, and as soon as I got my truck unhooked, I drove to meet my friend, Dana, who works at a coffee shop downtown.

After she got off work we walked to the nearby Federal Bar & Grill. I had an amazing sandwich called the Leftover, which was a turkey burger with cream cheese, stuffing, and cranberry sauce on top.

We then went to Dana's apartment to get her dog, and then the three of us took a walk through City Park.

This evening I joined Ryan and his family on a trip to Casa Bonita, which is a Mexican restaurant that is also a super cheesy tourist attraction.
There is a waterfall in the main dining area, and different performances happen on the cliff above the water.

While you enjoy your meal you can watch pirates duke it out, cowboy outlaws have a gun fight, and even a gorilla that seems to know karate!

Almost every performance ends with someone diving off the cliff and into the water below.

Besides the main dining/performance area, there is also a two story arcade, other themed dining areas, and even a haunted cave to explore.

The cave was a little too much for Nico, but he enjoyed the arcade, and the two cheap pieces of crap that he won from the tickets that my $5 worth of tokens got us. And that's the important thing!

6/11/15- Day Off!

This morning my friend, Bob Kelmer, and his daughter, Katie, picked me up at the lot so we could go have breakfast. We ate at DJs 9th Avenue Cafe, which had delicious food. 
Bob is a graduate of Ringling's Clown College, and he performed on the Gold Unit in Japan in 1989.
Since then he has also clowned on Culpepper Merriweather Circus and at Circus World Museum.

It was great to catch up with Bob, because he moved to Longmont, CO around five years ago. The last time we saw him was when we played near St. Louis, MO with Kelly Miller our first year.

Before taking me back to the lot, Bob and Katie were nice enough to take me grocery shopping.
A little later in the morning I was also able to tackle the mountain of dirty laundry I've been accumulating since we started working in Salt Lake City.

This evening a large group of us from Vazquez headed over to the Pepsi Center to see Cirque Du Soliel: "Kurios", which is in town at the same time that we are.
Zheni Espana knows someone on the show, and she was able to organize a ticket trade between their show and ours.

It was opening night for "Kurios", and in the beautiful reception tent there was as much free popcorn as you could eat, and as much free wine as you could drink. Cirque Du Soliel knows how to do a premiere!

"Kurios" had a full house for their first show, and what an amazing show it was. It has been nine years since I last saw a Cirque production, and this is one that you don't want to miss.
My favorite act consisted of a net stretched across the ring that the performers used as a trampoline; it was a real show stopper.

After the performance we were all given a backstage tour by Zheni's friend and a few of the performers.
Everyone was so nice and welcoming, and their backstage set up is simply amazing.

Tatiana is a childhood friend of Facundo, who is the clown for "Kurios". After getting cleaned up, he joined us for dinner at a sushi restaurant close to the apartments where the performers are staying during the Denver engagement.

It was neat to hear Facundo talk about working for Cirque. He originated a character role in the show "Wintuk", then he did the arena tour of "Dralion" as a clown. He just recently replaced the clown in "Kurios".

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