Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wednesday, June 17 & Thursday, June 18: Denver, CO

6/17/15- 7:30 p.m.

This morning I went to breakfast at the Egg & I with Reid Belstock. Reid is a Clown College graduate, and he has performed all over the world as a comedy juggler.
We had an excellent breakfast, and then we just sat and talked for a couple of hours while we digested.

Back at the lot I was feeling restless, so I took a walk to the RiNo district. It was about a four mile round trip, but aside from the stretches where I didn't have any shade, it wasn't bad at all.

I found a funny shop on the way into town called the Chocolate Crisis Center. They sell crisis kits, which are little medical kits containing pill bottles full of chocolate. The bigger the med kit, the bigger the "crisis" it is meant for.
The lady working behind the counter was very nice and encouraged me to try all the different types of chocolate so I could create the perfect custom kit, but I would have felt bad taking free chocolate since I had no intention of buying anything.

In tonight's show, from the start of the water gag, I got a feeling from the audience that we were doomed to fail.
It was quite a surprise then when we got a big cheer from the crowd in finale. I guess you just never know.

6/18/15- 7:30 p.m.

Ryan, Alexa, and I were picked up at 9:00 a.m. and taken to the local UNIVISION station for a television publicity.

While we waited to film our segment we had an excellent view of downtown and the Cirque Du Soliel tent.

Everyone at the station was so nice, and they thought our schtick on camera was hilarious, which made us like them even more!

After getting cleaned up from the PR I picked Emma up at her hotel and we headed to downtown Denver to explore.
We really didn't have any grand plan for our downtown visit; both of us had sights we wanted to see, and we decided to just go to them and see what else we could find in between.

First we visited the Convention Center, which has a gigantic blue bear peering inside.

Next we headed towards the State Capitol Building. 

On the way we passed by an area that had loads of food trucks set up in a giant oval formation. Apparently every Tuesday and Thursday the trucks are there during the lunch hours. 
There were so many different types of food represented; I will have to come back next week and visit a truck or two!

At the Capitol Building there is a step that is marked as being exactly one mile above sea level.

You all look like ants from up here! Wah ha ha ha ha!

After feeling superior for a few seconds, we started walking towards Union Station, which the television crew suggested we check out.

On the way we met up with Laura, who bicycled over from the circus, and the three of us had lunch at Snooze, which is an excellent breakfast place I visited in the Phoenix area.

Union Station was nice. Besides being a functional train station, it also had a hotel, shops, and restaurants (Snooze being one of them) inside and attached to it.

After leaving Union Station we spotted Tattered Covers, a huge book store. We spent some time browsing the different titles. I found several books that I have been looking for, but they were all full price. 
Being the cheapskate that I am, I'm going to continue to hunt until I can find used copies.

Emma, Laura, and I were all in the mood for something sweet, so on the way back to my truck we found a crepe restaurant.
We just happened to visit during their happy hour, so we were able to get a smaller portion crepe at half the price. 
It actually worked out perfectly, because I feel that eating a full sized crepe would have made me feel miserable.

My clown friend, Bob Kelmer, his two daughters, and his future son-in-law came to see the show tonight.

Bob brought me a book about Krampus, a demon who punishes naughty children at Christmas time. I cannot wait to read it!

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