Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Friday, July 10-Monday, July 13: Kansas City, MO

7/10/15- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

This morning I walked the two miles from the lot to downtown Kansas City. I checked out an area called the Power & Light District, which is across the street from the Sprint Center, where Ringling now plays.
I had an amazing lunch at the Brgr Kitchen & Bar. I tried the "Fast Cow" ("Apparently it wasn't fast enough!"-Ryan), which had an espresso encrusted beef patty topped with Wisconsin bleu cheese, bacon, arugula, and rosemary aioli.

When I left the restaurant I discovered that it had begun to rain, but luckily I had come prepared with my umbrella.
Still, the change in weather cut short my exploration of downtown, and I headed back to the circus.

Ryan and I finally got our props loaded into backstage late in the afternoon. The tent set up was running behind since we closed on a Tuesday instead of a Monday, and the crew had one less day to get everything prepared.

The rain made an already nasty, humid day even nastier. The dirt lot became a mud pit, and nothing was drying because of the mugginess.
Mecho summed up how disgusting everything felt when he said, "I want to throw my trailer away and get a new one."
By the end of the night I felt the same way about my sweat drenched costume and skull cap.

After work I watched the episode of the television show, "Zoo", that featured a segment filmed at the Kelly Miller Circus.
The television program seemed awful, so I just fast forwarded to the good parts, i.e. the parts with my friends.

7/11/15- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

This morning I went to a Party City store to buy a few props for my motivational speech on Sunday.
While I was out I wanted to try a famous BBQ restaurant in town, but when I got there I saw that the line for food was out the door.

Instead I headed over to a trendy little area that my friend, Rex, showed me the other day. I dined at the Blue Bird Cafe, where I spent a lot of money on a small portion of decent food.

I had much better luck down the block at a French creperie and coffee house.
In addition to a yummy Nutella and banana crepe, I got to meet that sugary superstar, Strawberry Shortcake!

I saw several women walking around the area dressed as Strawberry Shortcake, Little Bo Peep, or some variation thereof.
I'm not sure what the occasion was....maybe that's just how you have a good time on a Saturday afternoon in Missouri!

It was another hot, humid day, and to make matters worse there was a semi trailer full of air conditioners sitting right outside the circus' perimeter fences.
The air conditioners just arrived in this town, but no one thought to bring the cables or accessories we need to actually work them.

I knew that it must be obvious how much the humidity was affecting us when a little girl came up to us after the first show and said, "You guys are really sweaty, aren't you?"
I'm not sure if it was the puddles underneath us, or the smell that gave us away.

My friend, Rex Nolen, came to the second show. I was very excited to perform for him, since he hasn't seen me work since I was sixteen and he was one of my instructors at Mooseburger Clown Arts Camp. I'd like to think there has been some improvement in that time.
Viśan told me that comedic daredevil Bello Nock was also in the audience, and sure enough, I spotted tall, orange hair sticking up in the VIP seating section when we went out to do opening.

Bello came backstage at Intermission to visit everyone; it turns out that he happened to be in town working an event at the ballpark in Kansas City, and so he was able to come see our show afterwards.

I was happy that Bello and Rex got to see us put on a great performance, much better than last night's 9:00 p.m. show, when the rain seemed to scare away any prospective audience members.

7/12/15- 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00 p.m.

This morning Emma and I had breakfast at the Genessee Royale Bistro, which was just two blocks away from the lot.
We both had their fried chicken and bacon cheddar waffles, which were just as delicious as they sound!

Today was one of the hottest days of the week (which strangely seems to happen every Sunday, which is when we have three shows); in fact, right before the second show I checked my phone and found out that it felt like 107 degrees Fahrenheit.
Whoo hoo!

I gave the third show motivational speech today as "Captain Enthusiasm", and I gave inspirational advice in an extremely dry, monotone drone. I also used a party blower and confetti to contrast with my deadpan delivery.
Maybe it wasn't the best way to get everyone pumped up for our final show, but I made people laugh, and the character reflected how I felt about the day perfectly.

After the show I was taken out to dinner by Miseal, a local performer better known as Choo Choo the Clown.
He took me to a 24-hour diner downtown called Chubby's On Broadway.

7/13/15- 7:30 p.m.

This morning I met former Ringling clown, Terry Davolt, at First Watch, an excellent brunch restaurant.
Terry currently performs as "T. Texas Terry" at fairs with his comedy rope spinning cowboy show.
I had a great three hour visit with Terry, swapping tall tales and laughing the whole time.

Today was even hotter than yesterday. At one point it felt like it was 110 degrees.

I had many friends in the audience for our final performance in Kansas City. Terry and Rex both came with friends in tow, and Miseal came with homemade molé for me and Ryan to share.

Even with saying goodbye to everyone added onto my load out ritual, I was still able to leave the lot around an hour after the show's conclusion.

Ryan and I drove 230 miles before stopping at a Walmart in Newton, IA for the night.


Cinema67 said...

Could you tell me of the whereabouts of
Ringmaster John Moss The III?
He seems to have just disappeared.
I cant find a thing about him on any circus page, blog, or postings.
Is a puzzlement.

Jon Walker
Spencer Indiana
the Square Doughnut man.

Steve Copeland said...


I believe he and his family are touring with Big O Amusements, working fairs and carnivals.
His wife is on Facebook, and that's where I got that information.