Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tuesday, August 25- Saturday, August 29: Chicago, IL

8/25/15- 7:30 p.m.

Today I took Pamela to peruse Horrorbles, one of my favorite shops in the area. Since she is a fan of horror films, the store was an obvious stop on the "Steve Copeland Tour Of The Chicago 'Burbs".

We picked up a couple of fry topped hot dogs at Gene's & Jude's, and then we took them to a park in Oak Park, IL.
While we were sitting and enjoying our lunch, a very forward squirrel started moving closer and closer to us.
I guessed that he just wanted some food, but then I thought I remembered hearing that squirrels would only approach people if they were rabid.

Not wanting to take any chances, we moved benches, and the squirrel followed us. Normally I wouldn't have minded so much, but he was getting really close and his tail was twitching all over the place as he stared us down.

Finally, after we yelled at him, he scampered away and bothered other people in the park. We then deduced that people must feed the squirrels all the time, so they are not afraid to approach humans, looking for a handout.

Pamela and I had a nice time enjoying the beautiful weather as we walked around Oak Park's downtown area.

8/26/15- 7:30 p.m.

I took Pamela to the West Town Bakery for lunch today. She had the Elvis Waffle, which had bacon, caramelized banana puree, banana chips, whipped peanut butter, and brownie crumbs, while I had the Loaded Baked Potato Pancakes which were made from potato batter, bacon, Wisconsin cheddar mornay, green onions, sour cream, and an egg on top.

Even though we felt like taking a nap after eating that meal, we went for a walk around the neighborhood in which the diner is located.

I then took Pamela to Reel Art where I bought her a couple of photos of Shirley Temple, who Pamela adores.

Pamela had to leave tonight before the show, but I was excited that soon we will be heading east, where we'll be within driving distance of where she lives.

We had another great audience for the show tonight. In the vacuum gag I picked a bald man on the stairs to play with.
When I asked him to throw my wig on my head, I missed the catch and my wig fell in the space between steps and went under the bleachers.

Since there was no quick way to retrieve the wig, we skipped a few bits and continued with the gag. Luckily one of the ushers retrieved my wig and I had it for finale.

8/27/15- 7:30 p.m.

Today Ryan and I did more wood work for Pompeyo's dog props, and we also put some foam on some of the props already containing wood.

We had a packed house for the show tonight, which was fantastic.

Jose Alberto was not here tonight, so we did not have the juggling act in the show. Instead, a DJ who has been promoting our Chicago run went into the ring in the place of Jose Alberto's act and began to length.

People began to stir, and families started getting up and leaving en masse during the DJ's presentation, so when we followed with the vacuum gag, there were still many people walking around in the seating area, which disrupted several of our bits.
I was furious.

Tim Tegge and Jim Cole were at the performance tonight. Tim visited with us for a bit after the show and told us all about his fall theatre tour on which he is about to embark.
I was able to say hello to Jim Cole after the show as well. He recently saw the East Unit of Vazquez in Florida (glutton for punishment!), and tonight he took some fantastic shots of our performance.

8/28/15- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

Ryan and I continued our wood and foam work on Pompeyo's dog props today. I had to take a break from construction to take my computer to Berwyn to get it repaired.
Last night I stupidly spilled liquid on the keyboard which shorted out the motherboard. The repair man quoted me a price that made me a cry a bit inside, and he told me I should have my computer back in a week.

I wasn't the only person having computer difficulties today. Roberto, our lighting guy, discovered today that all of the show's lighting cues had been deleted from the light board.
Because of that the lights were pretty wacky for the shows tonight.
Roberto had to stay all night after work and reprogram the whole show.

8/29/15- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

Today was a gross, rainy, humid day. Since the weather didn't allow us to do any more work, Ryan and I packed away the majority of our tools and supplies, and we simply did some wood sanding on the dog seats.

Not too long before the show I heard a commotion outside my house. Lots of people were talking excitedly, and there were sirens that sounded like they were right outside my window.
I stepped outside and saw that one of the Vazquez semi trucks had been decimated by fire!

The truck had just been taken to a shop to get some wiring repaired, and when Martin and Bijou were starting all the trucks to make sure they were ready for the upcoming jump, the truck ignited and burned up in a matter of minutes!

Luckily the fuel didn't ignite and cause the truck to explode, because my house was parked nearby, and knowing my luck, I would have been the recipient of lots of shrapnel.

Ryan lost a contact during the first water gag, so between his lack of depth perception, and my oafishness at kicking my hat, we had a terrible carpenter gag.

The rain and humidity made our evening of shows pretty miserable. We just could not escape being wet.

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