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Monday, September 21-Monday, September 28: Gaithersburg, MD

9/21/15- 7:30 p.m.

Pamela and I visited a Super Buffet for lunch. Even though I was disappointed that the buffet didn't have a cape or fly around rescuing lesser buffets, it did have a huge selection of Asian food.
After eating we walked around inside the mall just down the street from the lot.

It was a rainy evening, which may have been the reason we had a smaller crowd for the show tonight. Luckily they weren't a bad audience.

Ryan cooked Chinese food for dinner, and he was nice enough to invite me and Pamela over to enjoy it with his family.

9/22/15- 7:30 p.m.

Today Pamela and I went to downtown Gaithersburg to walk around and explore. We had lunch at a good Greek restaurant, and then we found a spot where we split a Nutella raspberry crepe for dessert.

Pamela works at a hair salon in North Carolina, and she was nice enough to cut my hair (or as she put it, "Fix the way the last woman mangled your hair") when we got back to the lot.

Some of the performers from the East Unit of Vazquez came to see our show tonight. We were told that after the show we needed to stick around so we could take a company photo in the ring.

Ryan, Carmelo, and I were waiting off to the side while everyone was being positioned. It took a lot longer than we felt was necessary to get everything set for the photo, and no one had placed us clowns yet.
We started making jokes about sneaking out before anyone noticed, and then I crawled under the carpet to hide.
It was very obvious where I was, because suddenly one part of the carpet had a big bulge under it with a pair of plaid covered legs sticking out from the edge.

Despite my hiding in plain sight, it took an incredibly long time for anyone to notice what I was doing. It got to the point where I felt pretty darned ridiculous lying on the dirty ring rubber with a carpet over me, but I was committed to making people laugh, and I stayed there until someone finally spotted me.

After the company photo we pink bellied the East Unit cast, because West Unit rules!!!!

9/23/15- 7:30 p.m.

Today Pamela and I had lunch at La Madeleine, a French cafe that I am always happy to find in my travels.

We then went back to the Washingtonian Center to walk around the boardwalk and enjoy the beautiful weather.

We had a good audience for the show tonight. After finale we visited with Dick Flint, Dextre Tripp, Martin Elwell, and his wife, who all watched the performance.

Dick was talking about his job working as a historian for Feld Inc. His job is to go through the thousands of boxes in the now vacated Vienna offices to see what is worth saving, and what should be tossed out.
Some of the items he has found so far made me drool with geeky jealousy.
Or hunger. It may have been hunger.
I hadn't eaten in a few hours.

9/24/15- 7:30 p.m.

Pamela left this morning to head home to North Carolina. I was up fairly early so Ryan and I could resume work on Pompeyo's dog props.

I borrowed a belt sander from someone on the show, and I went over all of the wooden crates that will serve as dog seats. Once that task was done, I primed the four boxes.
Meanwhile Ryan was attaching foam to some of the props and carving it.
We worked all the way up until showtime, which left us feeling just a bit tired.

Our friends Pat, Thom, and Jim from the Freestate Clown Alley #30 came to watch our show this evening, and afterwards we had them over to Ryan's house for dinner.
We provided the food, and they provided the drinks, which turned out to be enough alcohol to kill a small army.
Luckily only I died.
Don't worry, I got better.

9/25/15- 7:30 p.m.

Again we spent all day working on the dog props. We sanded the foam props that Ryan had finished carving, and I was able to finish priming the wood props.

Some things happened at the end of our show tonight which really upset Ryan and caused me to stress out.
After work I went for a long walk to calm down and get away from the circus for awhile.

The fresh air and exercise were good for me, and once I got back to the lot things were much more in perspective, and the problems seemed a lot more manageable.

9/26/15- 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00 p.m.

This morning Emma and I had brunch at the Gazebo Cafe, which was a tiny little restaurant in downtown Gaithersburg.
My meal wasn't anything special, but I did have a very tasty blueberry latte to drink. A couple of days ago I tried their apple cider latte, and they told me they also have a sweet potato latte. That sounds very interesting....

Last weekend Visan bought a Nintendo and a Sega Genesis video game system at the flea market in front of the circus.
Today he brought his Nintendo into the men's dressing room to help break up the monotony of doing three shows. In between acts we all took turns playing Super Mario Bros. 3.

We had a small, dead audience for the first show, but the second show had a more lively crowd, and we had a fantastic audience for the final show of the day.

During the second show the cage of big cats almost tipped over as it was being pushed out of the curtain.
The prop guys were able to stop that from happening, but the cage did end up falling on our vacuum, which left a huge dent in the front of the prop.
I was able to bang out the dent a bit, but the handlebars are now permanently shifted to one side.
So much for using that prop again in the future....

9/27/15- 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00 p.m.

This morning Emma and I had brunch at Crepes A Go Go, the same place where Pamela and I had dessert during the week.
This was my first time getting a savory crepe (mine had egg, tomato, onion, avocado, and ham), and I liked it, but it is hard to beat fruit and Nutella in a crepe!

Right before the first show Emma surprised me with a gift of Winegums and Galaxy chocolate straight from England. That was nice motivation to get through the three shows!

Today was Sega Genesis day in the dressing room. We guys spent our free time playing Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter II.
It was so funny seeing everybody relive fond childhood memories by playing those classic games.

We had good audiences all day, but the same as yesterday, the last crowd was the best.

I wrote a rap song about our show that I used for the third show motivational speech. People seemed inspired afterwards, even though I'm about as white as you can get when I'm rapping.

9/28/15- 7:30 p.m.

We didn't do any more work on the dog props today, but I did run to Lowe's to pick up more wood that we can use when we work on them in the next town.

At the flea market last weekend Ryan bought one of those skateboards where you shake your hips back and forth to gain momentum.
Before the show he, Nico, and I played with it on the nice smooth asphalt in front of our trailers.

I was expecting a bigger crowd for our final show in Gaithersburg, but I think we tapped out the town with some of our big weekend business.

Before the vacuum gag I was walking under the seats to the front of the tent to wait for our entrance. As I was walking into the main walkway where the audience enters and exits the tent, there was a woman pulling down her son's pants so he could pee against the tent's side wall.

A few of things....

1) This wasn't a toddler. This was maybe an eight year old boy.

2) I've seen people take their kids to pee under the seats. It's bad enough they do it under the seats towards the back of the tent where there is no one walking around, but this was right in the main entranceway, fully lit, and in plain view of everyone!

3) If they had gone just a little farther, they could have gone to the bathrooms. You know, like humans....

I stopped and gawked at the woman in disbelief before saying, "You know, we have bathrooms right over......"
I then stopped myself before continuing, "Never mind, keep right on doing what you're doing."

People never cease to amuse me.

Ryan and I had to wait for awhile to leave the lot in Gaithersburg because we had an RV in front of our trailers that took a long time to leave.
Luckily we only had 43 miles to go to Manassas, VA, the next town.

I'm very happy we made the jump at night; it would have been a nightmare drive in the morning with traffic.

Our lot in Manassas is another fairgrounds, although not as big and nice as the one in Gaithersburg.

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